Best Wood Door Stops

It is easy not to acknowledge the importance of  the door stoppers until you realize how much the wall behind the door is damaged from swinging too widely or quickly. Wood door stops also known as door stops are a great addition to both commercial and residential buildings. Besides preventing damage to walls, wood door stops can also direct the usage of doors in commercial buildings, as well as protecting the hands of small children around the house, prevent abrupt slamming of doors.

Wood Door stops

Doors for privacy were made from woven tapestries initially dating back to the late 17’s , and then wooden doors came into general use. As doors are important so are wood door stops which are now becoming very significant for many reasons.

Door stop is a device attached to a wall or floor to prevent damaging contact between an opened door and the wall. A door stop can be a strip against which a door shuts in its frame, a device placed on a wall behind a door or mounted on the floor to prevent the door from opening too wide. They are decorative invariably heavy.

Door stops come in a variety of styles, heights and finishes, because of this variety door stops can be both a stylish and functional addition to your home Décor. Doors made with glass need stoppers to prevent it from breaking, doors made with wood and metal need stoppers to maintain the lock and damage slamming can cause to the doors. Sliding doors also need a door stop to keep the slide in place and not jamming unexpectedly. Doors stops can also be used at the windows to keep them open and to aid ventilation. As metal stops have been in use, wood stops are now becoming  trendy, fashionable and luxurious.

Used Wood Door Stops

  1. Holding door open : A door may be stopped by a door stop which is simply a heavy solid object such as metal, rubber or wedge of wood. It prevents the door from swaying and slamming.
  2. Preventing damage by the doors : A doorstop is used to prevent doors from opening too far and damaging nearby walls. In this case, a rubber tipped metal, wood or plastic is screwed into the wall or the floor in the path of the door. If it is attached to the wall, it may be either a few inches above the ground or at such a height to meet the door knob.
  3. Protect the handle : when the handle hits the wall, it causes damage to the handle and can result in breaking. This leads to constant repairing and replacement.
  4. Eliminate slamming and noise : when a door stop is used slam noise is stopped.
  5. Protect the lock : When the handle hit the wall repeatedly, it can affect the lock. The internal turning can be affected and can cause the lock to stop working altogether.
  6. It prevents household accidents common when children play around the house.

Wood door stoppers have a  mechanism that enables the door to open and remain in the position without stressing  to do so. This  mechanism also prevents doors from opening too wide.


  1. Floor mounted door stoppers : Floor stops are introduced at the floor level to prevent a door from opening excessively wide. They help to shield harm brought about by the door handle or the edge of the door itself to close by decorations and dividers.
  2. Wall stoppers :Wall stops are utilized to prevent a door from reaching the stopping point and causing harm to walls. They are also known as wall protectors.
  3. Hinge Pin door stopper : fitted at the mid point of the door, as part of the central door hinge.
  4. Overhead door stopper : It can be surface mounted to the face of the door or concealed in the head of the door. They are meant to be used as a stop when the door is frequently used or where the materials behind the door need to be protected.
  5. Decorative doorstops : are mostly utilized stops in residential applications. They are produced in iron, clay or wood framed into ornamental shapes, statues etc. These are set after you open the door to hold it open until the stop is moved.
  6. Closers: Door closers are used to naturally close doors after they are opened.

As there are different materials used to make door stoppers, we are considering the wood door stop.

 Wood door stops are stylish and easy to use because they are carved from woods such as maple, oak, mahogany, acacia, alder etc due to their strength, appearance, density, decay resistance. Aside all these wood door stops are better due to its safety and environment friendly benefits.

Wood door stops can be small, big but heavy depending on the use and where it is to be used. Hence the use of hard wood in the making of wood door stops. It can be carved into different shapes to fit into the use or even to taste.


  • If a door is slammed towards the wall, the impact is directly on the wood door stop, not the wall which may lead to damage of the handle.
  • It does not get rusty.
  • Your floors will be safe from scratches.
  • Wood door stops last longer as they are made with high quality wood.
  • They are easy to  maintain.
  • It is safer and economical.
  • Strong tight gripping power which makes it remain in one position.
  • It is carved for all uses.
  • Excellent gift for housewarming.
  • They are easy to use even for children.


  • Unplanned and additional spending for repairs.
  • Tarnishing of the wall paint.
  • Sudden noise which can lead to shock.
  • Damage to hooks holding the door in place.
  • Damage to the door lock.
  • Damage to the handle.


Wood door stops are still considered the best in the market because of its longevity and its versatility in nature. I hope from this article you’ve gotten to know why wood stoppers are preferred.


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