A Door Stopper is a device that is used to prevent, control and stop the movement of a door from coming in contact with another object (mostly a wall) being the first point of impact. They serve the purpose of either absorbing the force of a door in motion or keeping the door in a position to prevent unplanned movement. They are usually made in a way that they would absorb the force of a of door that is opened in a rush by means of pad or a spring

Door stoppers are tiny objects, usually a pad that is attached to the rear side of the door, or placed on the floor to prevent a hinged door from opening too far and damaging nearby walls. Most door stoppers have a return mechanism that enables the door to open and return to its previous closed position without any manual means to do so. This return mechanism also prevents doors from opening too wide.

Doors can be stopped by simply putting a solid heavy object such as bricks on the pathway of the door or building a Slat (narrow strip or bar of wood or metal) in the door frame to prevent the door from swinging through causing the door direction to be in a single direction mode whereby you push the door to swing-in and you pull the door to swing-out.

What is a Door Stopper Serve?


Door stops or Door stoppers basically disallow your door fixed parts such as the handle of your door or the knob from crashing into and damaging the walls by being the first contact, so when the door is finally opened, the doorstop would absorb the force before the handle can get to the wall. Doors made with glass need door stoppers the most as they are likely to crack or break into pieces with any significant impact caused. Sliding doors may also have stoppers connected at the end of the door so as to avoid them of being shut with a sudden force.

What are the different types of door stop that exist?

What is a door stopper?

Door stoppers differ based on where they are mounted, some door stoppers are mounted directly behind the door while others are mounted on the wall so as to stop the effect of a slammed door from damaging the wall. Doors that are made of glass uses different kind of stopper which are mounted on the floor so as to ease the effect of slammed glass door while those stoppers that are mounted behind the door are often a spring stop used on mainly fixtures of a wooden or metal door.

Another type of doorstop is used to prevent doors from opening too wide or too far thereby damaging the nearby walls. In this type of situation a cylindrical or domic rubber / a rubber tipped wood or metal is driven into the wall or the floor. If driven into the wall it will be a few inches above the ground or a desired height so as to meet the requirement.

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