What Are The Best Door Stopper?

The very intent for using the best door stoppers is to prevent your wall from getting damaged from door knobs or handle punching holes into it, especially when doors are slammed open. But it doesn’t stop there, asides eliminating any damage to the wall next to your door, they also bring aesthetic touch to your home and at the same time heighten the security in your home by keeping trespassers away from your exterior doors.

Having to choose the best door stopper has been the challenge for most people as it may seem easy but when it comes to making the decision of which the best door stopper to purchase that is when they realize that there are different options that they can choose making this seemingly easy task a little bit difficult.

However, this article is written to help you make the best choice of door stoppers whether you want to add beauty to your home or enhance the security of your home in house and from intruders. Therefore, in this article you will find door stoppers that can serve a practical purpose, decorative purpose and as well as security purpose. Follow Me!

When it comes to choosing the best door stopper for your door, there are two basic types; (i) hinge door stopper: they are the door stopper that are mounted on the hinge pin of your door and (ii) door stoppers that are mounted on the baseboard along the wall. Nevertheless, your door size and weight determines the type of door stopper that will work best. For example, a small hinge door stopper works best with a light weight interior door.

Below the best door stopper list.

  • Hinge Pin Door Stopper: this door stopper is popularly known as one of the most discreet type and practical door stopper but it is not always a decorative type, it is easy to install by just sliding the pin from your door hinge through the hole in the door stopper without you needing to install any door hardware to be in contact with the wall. Most door stoppers have a feature that allows you to adjust how wide you want your door to open.

When considering how to choose the best one for your door, use a small door stopper for lightweight door and heavy duty ones on weighty doors. Make sure it is installed on both hinges (top and bottom) of your door.

  • Magnetic Door Stopper: if your door is always open on its own then consider this doorstop as the best choice because it is one of the most versatile door stoppers to hold the door open with its powerful magnet thereby preventing it from damaging the nearby wall. It can be installed by mounting the base to your floor or wall and the stop on the base or bottom of the door. Asides the ability to securely keep your door from slamming against the wall, it can add elegance to your home because of its aesthetic look.
  • Security Door Stopper:  if you are thinking on how to heighten the security of your exterior doors in order to keep intruders or trespassers away from your home, then a security door stopper is the best choice for you. This door stopper is effective in preventing the opening of your door from outside because of the magnetic mechanism and other features that it utilizes. They are excellent for front and side doors both for the one leading to your kitchen from outside or the main house door.
  • Sliding Door Stopper: This type of door stopper is basically used to reduce the shock or force of closing a sliding door. They are obfuscated and mounted on the wall. They can be used for doors on cabinets also.

Spring Door Stopper: The mechanism behind this type of door stopper is the spring which is effective enough to prevent your door from slamming against the wall as result of the bounce back of the door when an individual tries to slam the door. They are installed on the floor or the wall so as to eliminate the damage your door can cause to the adjoining wall.


I’m sure that this article has helped and shown you the best door stopper you can choose to door stop your door. So choose a door stopper that will work best with your door hinges and hardware. Also pay attention to the color or the design that can best complement with your home décor.


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