How Important Types Of Changing Tables?

Can you change your clothes without a dressing room? The answer is, yes! You can change your clothes anywhere you like. But would it be convenient to ask everyone to get out of your room whenever you want to change? Well, no!

So, a dressing room isn’t a necessity yet it also isn’t a luxury to types of changing tables. Similarly, you and your baby, both need a changing table! Why? Because a changing table ensures that the baby is kept on a clean surface even while changing its diapers. And similarly, it also makes it easier and convenient for mothers to change their babies’ diapers as the height of tables can provide comfort, convenience, and prevent back injuries.

A baby is born with a need to be loved- and never outgrows it!

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How Important Types Of Changing Tables?
How To Protect Your Kids From Getting Injured By Door Stoppers?

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What Are Baby Changing Tables?. 2

Public Baby Changing Tables. 2

Types of Baby Changing Tables. 3

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What Are Baby Changing Tables?

Baby need to types of changing tables are as the name suggests tables bedded with hygienic clothing and comprise of various compartments and drawers. The hygienic and clean clothing helps mothers to change their babies’ diapers while ensuring that the soft and delicate baby skin isn’t exposed to any kind of unclean or infectious material. The cloths and paddings on top of the tables are washable as well as disposable. However, the drawers and compartments allow ample space to store baby accessories such as baby powder, wet wipes, and creams. Having baby accessories nearby provides comfort and convenience to mothers when they are changing diapers.

How Important Types Of Changing Tables?
How To Protect Your Kids From Getting Injured By Door Stoppers?

Public Baby Changing Tables

These were the first types of baby changing tables. in 1986, the first baby changing table was publicly installed. These tables are mostly installed in theatres, amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurants, and grocery stores, etc. Unlike household changing tables, these tables are supported by hinges and are foldable.
How Important Types Of Changing Tables?

 Types of Baby Changing Tables?

Baby changing tables vary according to the materials, features, portability, and storage.  Choosing the best-suited changing table is essential for you and your baby.


The material of a changing table can be held accountable for its weight, sturdiness, and mobility. Plastic can be lighter than metal and solid wood, but not as sturdy as them. However, plastic tables are generally used for traveling purposes as they are foldable and easy to carry. But as they aren’t stiff and sturdy as metal and wood tables, you need to make sure that you are extremely careful.

On the contrary metal tables, are heavier and sturdier than plastic tables, but are lighter and less sturdy when compared to solid wood tables. Metal changing tables are great in providing lighter looks, so, if you have a small nursery, a metal changing table would be a great option. Solid wood tables are one of the classic and most used changing tables. These tables give an aesthetic look to your house décor and highly enhance its elegance. These tables arrive in various colors, sizes, and styles. So, if you have a large nursery or a baby room, make sure to get one of these.


The most important factor that is considered while buying a changing table is what features does it have. Some of the most visible features of changing tables are stairs, portability, and mobility.

If you have to types of changing tables multiple babies in a day, you would want a changing table with stairs. With stairs you won’t have to carry big babies, that can climb on the stairs by themselves. This will give you relief from back pain and will make your work a lot easier. Similarly, if you have a small space, you need to utilize corners and go for maximum portability. Different shapes and sizes allow users to get customized changing tables such as one that can be fit into a corner.

Foldable tables are also famous for using while traveling. These types of changing tables are mostly constructed out of plastic. Tables with wheels are famous for their mobility and maneuverability. Removable trays, multi-purpose, included hamper, attached cribs, and pads, etc. are some of the unique features provided by different manufacturers.  Make sure to get one that boosts your convenience and increases your comfort.


types of changing tables also vary along with the storage options. Tables with open shelves allow you to keep baby accessories easily. On the other hand, tables with cabinets and drawers allow you to conceal the accessories resulting in a greater aesthetic look. Changing tables with integrated baskets provide additional portability as you can move the baskets and store them anywhere you want.

Other factors such as style, color, and sizes are also important factors to consider while choosing. Whatever you choose, make sure that your baby receives the utmost care and love.

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