The main center of attention of the bathrooms is the Vanity. They are formerly known as bathroom tables. A bathroom vanity is the combination of the bathroom sink and the storage around it in a structure. It is a piece of cabinetry, that is designed to hold the sink and conceal associated plumbing as well as providing much needed storage.

The Best bathroom vanities is basically built-in basins to wash our hands and faces but have been transformed uniquely for other functions. The bench top is an important part of the bathroom vanity as it is available in different materials such as stone, cement, wood, laminate, glass etc. Most of the materials are usually moisture resistant or waterproof due to the fact that the bathroom is the biggest wet area in the home.

As the vanity is one of the mandatory accessories in the bathroom, they come in different ranges of sizes, shapes and designs. It can be modern, country style, art décor, minimalist and lots more. It can be made narrow and wide enough to hold just the sink, or spread round the length of the bathroom wall.

The size of the bathroom vanities majorly relies on the bathroom. When shopping for a bathroom vanities the first thing you need to consider is the size of the bathroom .

The vanity should not be too large or too small but in the right fraction. It should have enough storage to take the basic needs  such as medications, cleaning products, toiletries, cosmetics and everything you would want to have easy access to.

A combination of shelves and drawers are required. If your bathroom is always cramped when preparing for the day’s activities every morning, then the bathroom vanity is definitely a spec.

Below Top 7 Best Bathroom Vanities Lists:


The run fine vanity is a portable and convenient designed vanity with vitreous china white to and enamel finish. It is made from solid wood and designed in different colors such as white, walnut and grey. It is a single vanity, very comfy for your bathroom vanities. It is one of the best bathroom vanities with its classic look adding beauty to your room.


  • Designed to fit 34”H 24.6”W 19” D
  • Two doors, 1 drawer, chrome knob included
  • Vitreous China is a ceramic material glazed  with enamel for a long lasting double bright finish.
  • Basin depth of 6.5”
  • All wood soft door close
  • Metal drawer glides


  • Fully assembled for easy installation
  • Long lasting beauty and shine
  • Large bottom draw for added storage and easy access.
  • Storage space on top
  • East and soft close drawers
  • Cabinet doors are soundless

Bring a functional and sleek design into your laundry room or utility room. The glossy white finish and trusted door design add to the stylish finish. It is quality built with both functionality and style. People who love everything in one place will find this design intriguing.


  • Extra deep 13 ½ “ sink
  • Built-in washboard
  • Heavy Duty facet with a high arc design
  •  Chrome soap dispenser
  • Slow close doors
  • Hardware is chrome to match the faucet
  • Solidly glued
  • Sits on 45” inch high wooden base
  • Provides ample room for laundry
  • White plastic sink.
  • Soap dispenser
  • White stand
  • P-trap drain kit
  • Supply lines/ plumbing installation included
  • Faucet is constructed with a metals base, handles, arch and metal shanks for testing quality
  • 1 year warranty


  • Pull- down spout makes washing, soaking and filling palls easy.
  • Powerful spray of water
  • Spouts weighted to ensure it stays in place without sagging.
  • The cabinet is perfect for hiding all your detergents and other laundry accessories.
  • Slow close doors prevent slamming and prolong the life of the cabinet
  • Pre-assembled base provides extra quality and stability.
  • It’s dimension sakes the perfect tiny bathroom vanity sink combo.
  • Includes all you need for a cabinet and sink setup.
  • Easy step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • SIMPLIHOME Gatsby 28 inch H x 16 inch W Single Door Wall Bath Cabinet

Simply home creates outstanding high quality products made from the finest materials. It looks great and files every large or even small bathroom due to its single sink.


  • Whit engineered quartz marble top with undermount oval 13.6”W×10.5”L×7.6”D
  • Single sink with one door, one draw, hardwood frame and legs.
  • 105° hidden hinges and side mounted ball bearing drawer glides.
  • 3 pre-drilled faucet files for standard center faucet.
  • Top weight 127ins, too edge thickness 11/16”
  • ●       1 year warranty.


  • Stylish and functional
  • Fits into a small place
  • Plenty of storage with one end opening to a large interior space.
  • One bottom drawer for extra storage
  • Constructed with solid, hardwood frame and legs
  • It adds a luxurious spa look to your bathroom
  • It is durable


  • Faucet not included
  • Variation in color may occur due to computer monitor and photography
  • Modway EEI-3918-GRY-WAL Harvest 24″

This modern bathroom vanity has a large storage capacity and high-cost performance. It’s black finish is the top color for many bathroom renovations. It is easy and ready to win with the manual instructions. It’s luxury design will surely brighten your bathroom and add value to your property.


  • Top-quality material and cutting edge design.
  • Durable and stable construction
  • Wooden cabinet and plenty of storage
  • High quality glass vessel sink
  • Tempered glass surface
  • Includes cabinet, glass vessel,, round glass sink, chrome faucets, mirror, P-trap, pop-up drain and mounting ring.
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is a  modern and stylish design.
  • MFD carpet
  • Multi use


  • It’s sink is easy to clean up.
  • It’s design fits with any bathroom décor.
  • It comes with a wooden cabinet( a smaller and a bigger one) which allows you to store different sizes of necessities.
  • It is also suitable for salons, luxurious suites and hotels.


  • It does not come with a 42”, only the 36” and 60”

This eclife vanity is perfect for people who want to experience comfort and superior performance at the same time. It’s modern, simple yet stylish is perfect for large and small places. You’ll save more on your water ink because it features a 1.5GPM faucet aerator which certainly saves 30% of water. It is made with materials that are eco-friendly with it and you help in saving the environment.


  • It has a paint smooth surface, stone powder and resin sink
  • Package includes 1 vanity, cabinet, resin sink, faucet, U shaped pop-up drain, installation and accessories
  • Full chrome plated surface
  • 304 stainless steel hinges
  • Durable and long last
  • 360 degree adjustable P-trap
  • Soft close door
  • Long water supply lines available
  • 3/8” water supply hose.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is water-resistant, environmental protection
  • Last long
  • Most durable with solid brass faucet and resin sink
  • It’s parts are convenient for installing
  • Conserve water without reducing  performance
  • Sturdy and suitable for small space
  • Long water etc


  • Vanities come in pieces, you need to assemble yourself.

This glass top bathroom vanity really adds class and is a perfect set piece to your bathroom. It’s style is classy and simple.


  • Wood cabinet vanity
  • Ceramic sink with faucet and drain
  • 0.5” thickness tempered glass top
  • Soft closing door with adjustable hinges.
  • Full extension soft closing drawer
  • Two doors and two drawers
  • Package includes one mirror, one ceramic sink, one cabinet, one tempered glass countertop, one chrome pop-up drain, one chrome faucet and some installation hardware.
  • Hot/cold water line included.
  • Includes a square or round bowl.


  • It is easy to clean up
  • Comes with an installation guide for easy set up.
  •  The wooden material is easy to maintain and clan
  • Eclife 24” high quality small bathroom vanity and sink

Eclife focuses on bringing you an economical and comfortable life. This 24”inch white bathroom vanity assigned to your bathroom. Durable MDF material makes it sturdy and it will be suitable for your bathroom. It’s ceramic bathroom vessel sink, easy to clean and more useful of the bathroom., it is eco-friendly


  • Wooden country top and storage.
  • Two drawers
  • All mounting hardware and hot/cold water lines included.
  • Package includes 1 vanity cabinet, ceramic sink, mirror, faucet, pop-up drain, installation and accessories
  • 304 stainless steel slide and zimc3 handle.
  • Soft close door.
  • Premium white ceramic both from vessel sink and faucet combo
  • Scratch and steam resistant sink surface
  • 23-5/8 long water lines
  • Durable chrome faucets


  • Modern and stylish fits perfectly with a small bathroom décor.
  • Two drawers bring more space and convenience for storage.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • MFD has several advantages such as resistance to humidity and corrosion, easy to clean, water resistant, environmental protection, long time use
  • It is sturdy and easy to clean.
  • More convenient and flexible for you.

Criteria for evaluation

Sink: When choosing a bathroom vanities you should consider the size of the sink, some are double, some are single. Consider the size of your bathroom and the specs of the vanity.

Compatible design: The design should be structured with a more universal set in case of relocation or future renovation.

Size of the cabinet: This will determine the storage capacity, choose one’s with large storage (especially those with double drawer) for limited space. Consider what you would keep inside without affecting the guide of the cabinets .

Frequently Asked Questions on Bathroom vanity

Q: How do I clean my bathroom vanities ?

A: Regular dish soap and water can easily do the job, most bathroom vanities come with easy maintenance types of finish. Although they are cleaners made for granite and quartz.

Q: How long does the installation of the bathroom vanity take?

A: Many Bathroom vanities can be installed within a day, given that the area of plumbing does not need changes. More so, the hours needed for installation depends on how big or small your vanity is.

Q: Will I have visible stains in my vanity?

A: This also depends on what you spilled and the type of finish your vanity comes, but most vanities are easy to clean.

Q: What are bathroom vanities and what are they used for?

A: Bathroom vanity is the cabinet built around your bathroom sink. One function of a vanity is to conceal the plumbing under the sink. In addition, since next to the shower tub, the vanity is the biggest fixture on your bathroom, it can set the style of your bathroom décor.

Q: How do I find a bathroom vanity that will fit correctly in my bathroom?

A: To find the correct and exact vanity for your bathroom , measure the width, height and depth of the space available with a measuring tape. Make sure you purchase a vanity that had the same or smaller measurements than the space on your bathroom

Q: How long does it take to install my bathroom vanity countertop?

A: Kitchen vanity countertops are installed within a day. The hours of installation takes is dependent on the square footage of your new countertops and how complex the design is

Q: Will my bathroom countertops get stained?

A: Stain visibility relies on the material and color chosen. Regardless, to minimize stains, we recommend cleaning of spills always to lessen the chance of staining your new countertops.

Q: Can you put lights on a bathroom vanity?

 A: It is not advisable. This is a high moisture area, it is best to use overhead lightening and lightening on the wall above the vanity.

Q: Can I use different colors for the top and the bowl of my bathroom vanity?

A: Yes, you can have the top be one color and the bowl another. You can choose designs to match your tile, shower enclosure or your bathroom cabinet selection.

Q:  Can they grow bacteria?.

A: Solid surfaces countertops are favorite for hospitals and Doctor’s offices because they are not breeding grounds for bacteria. In contrast, materials like granite have bacteria in them before they are installed. So even sealing a granite top will not seal bacteria away. Laminate countertops have seams and tile have great joints – all potential breeding grounds for bacteria. When it is important to do germ warfare, a solid surface is a logical idea.

With these you should have known what a bathroom vanity is. These are the top 7 picks you won’t regret purchasing. Get ready to make a purchase.


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