Tips And Tricks For Fitting A Door Frame

Looking at the door frame may give a false assumption they are very easy to install, the door frame can be installed by anyone given they give attention to details and have a great cutting skill. Below are some tips and tricks for fitting a door frame. These door frames also called jambs come in flat packs consisting of a head (top), two jambs (sides), and a door stopper batten.

The head has a slat cut on both sides. The slats are measured for the two vastly used sizes of the door and when the jambs are inserted into the slat you can hang a 2ft 3in or a 2ft 6in wide door. Below the tips of tips and tricks for fitting a door frame

Position the two jambs in the proper slat on the head, fit the screws into the pilot holes and screw through the head into the jamb. Estimate the length between the jambs and the liner, cut a piece of the wood between the jambs at the bottom of the door frame. Best tips and tricks for fitting a door frame for door frame. This is will retain the frame and keep it strong

Tips And Tricks For Fitting A Door Frame

These are the following things you will need

  • A measuring tape
  • A jamb finder (also known as stud finder)
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Framing square
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Flat pry bar
  • Hand drywall saw
  • Circular saw
  • Reciprocating saw

Materials to use are

  • Framing wood 2×4 or 2×6
  • Header wood 2×6 or larger plus ½ inch plywood
  • 3 inch screw
  • 16d and 12d nails

How to fix

  • Know the door location: The first and important step is to know where the door will be located, the check for any bump in the wall. Another factor to consider is if you will need a staircase outside (know the type you want) or not. You have to check the door’s manufacturer’s instructions for the correct width and height of the opening you want to frame.
  • Plan the opening: use the jamb finder to determine the location of the jamb. Use the level to draw outlines for the rough opening and check the square, plumb and level. Draw a 1 ½ inch line outside from the floor to the ceiling and cut. Remove the brick. When picking the lumber size, consider the door size always .
  • Cut through the jamb: Use a saw to cut through each of the jamb into two using a circular saw first and then the reciprocating saw. Cut the bottom of the jamb to serve as the bottom but they must be cut straight and square.
  • Mark jamb location: Pry away the jamb and pull them off the bottom plate, as you work make sure you bend the heads of protruding nails on the wall. Mark the king and jack stud (jamb). Make does the rough opening and the jack stud is equal.
  • Assemble the jack and king stud: Arrange the king-and-jamb into position and use the level to check if it is fit. Place the jack stud above ¼ inch inside the layout line. Carefully arrange the  front edge of the jack stud to the edge of the stud.
  • Secure the studs: Twist the screws to attach the studs to the bottom of the plate. Attach also to the top plate in the same way.
  • Shape the header: Cut a 2×6 (or larger) into two pieces to the width of the rough opening plus 3in to allow the thickness of the two jack studs. Pile up the lumps with crowns facing the same direction and use a square to check if they are aligned. Tighten it by driving in a two 3in screw every 8in.
  • Determine the crown
  • Attach header: Attach the header with nails or angle driven screws.
  • Check for squares and test new doors: Make sure the opening is square, level and plumb. If you are not sure, set the door briefly to make sure it is fit. If the opening is not square, you could trim or remove the fasteners.
  • Cut the studs: Cut short the studs to fit between the header and the top plate. Short pieces are prone to splitting so drill holes and attach with angle driven screws or nails. Cut the bottom plate straight to the floor .
  • Drill through siding: Drill a 1in hole into the side. Put the reciprocating saw into the hole and cut through the side.
  • Remove the siding: After you have cut the siding, remove and dispose of the lumber remaining.


When the door doesn’t fit into the frame: A trick you can manipulate when you want to re-hang a door or put a new  one is to situate the frame and trim around the door. The door is still the way it is but the lining around is slightly reframed to fit around the door. Here some tips and tricks for fitting a door frame for

The above easy steps will guide you in fitting a new frame or trimming an old one.

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