Best Outdoor Security Lights

Imagine yourself as a burglar! Which house would be the easiest to burglarize? Well, if I was one (surely am not) I would prefer one that is unoccupied and vacant. And how would I know that? Well, the answer is simple, if the house was dark, I would assume that no one lives!

That’s why outdoor security lights are extremely essential, as they not only delude burglars, they also provide you a good night’s sleep.

Prepare and prevent! Don’t repair and repent!


According to the 2007 report, most burglars tend to break in houses that are dark and goofy in the United States. That’s why installing the right security lights is mandatory for your and your family’s safety.

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Why Should You Install Outdoor Security Lights?. 2

Types of Security Lights. 3

Floodlights. 3

Spotlights. 3

Landscape Path Lighting. 3

Motion Detector Lights. 3

Lights with Timers. 4


Why Should You Install Outdoor Security Lights?

  • Protect your house from burglaries
  • Have a carefree sleep
  • Increase your house design and aesthetics
  • For increased visibility at night

Types of Security Lights


Various security lights are created for a wide variety of utility. From floodlights to surface-mounted lights to landscape path lights, there are a ton of options available. Choosing the best from the wide array of lights according to your preferences may be a challenging task.


The most powerful ones! You may have seen how a soccer ground is lit at night. The high-intensity beams of floodlights are highly efficient to the extent that they can confuse you whether its day or light. These lights are mainly intended for covering large areas. So, if your backyard or warehouse is unsecured, secure it with these high-intensity beams.


You might have seen them in theatres and stage plays. As the name suggests, a spotlight highlights a certain object between a wide space. This won’t be a good option for most, but you can highlight a specific area by installing multiple spotlights, so, that your security cameras can have clean security footage.

Landscape Path Lighting

Alleys, pathways, and walkways are illuminated with these types of lights. If you have a long pathway between your house and backyard, then these lights might prove useful to you. landscape path lighting is used widely in both commercial and residential areas. These lights are highly effective in illuminating plants and trees, so, not only do they provide security coverage, but also enhance the aesthetics of your pathways and alleys. With these in your alley, you can take a pleasant stroll, even at the darkest of hours.

Motion Detector Lights

If you are a serious energy saver, or you want to challenge burglars by surprising them, then you should have these installed right away. Motion detector lights usually use infrared beams to detect if a person is moving in its range. These lights are effective for saving energy as they are only lit when they detect any motion. Motion detector lights contain a high surprise element. As anyone who is planning to invade your house can be deterred if surprised by these lights.

Sometimes, burglars can read and evaluate the areas that run all night and plan to avoid them. But with these lights, burglars cannot predict areas.

Lights with Timers

You can schedule your light timings by using a light with a timer. Lights with timers will automate the process of on/off and will help you manage more easily and efficiently. Numerous property holders will decide to have these lights on for a set number of hours every night, for the most part whenever they are dozing. This is another approach to save electricity along with having the option to have full, consistent light enlightening the outside of your house at night.

However, you should keep in mind that planned outside lighting will in general be dimmer than customary floodlighting, but still, they’re a decent choice for general security and insurance.

However, these aren’t the only types of lights available in the market. But generally, these are the most preferred ones. Now if you have got a good idea on security lights, grab some and protect yourself and your family.

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