Magnetic Door Stop Tips

Once I went to a shop to buy magnetic door stop. However, when I brought them, I also had other things to carry. I opened my hostel’s main door (equipped with a door closer) with my right hand and bent down for picking up the egg shopper. When I entered the door, the eggs got stuck between the door and the mainframe (as the door closed on its own. The eggs scrambled before going in the fry pan. Oh no! I had to bear the total loss that the door had cost me.

Don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll make sure that your eggs don’t break like mine.

A door stopper is your only solution to stop something like that from happening.

Sometimes small but mindful investments accomplish larger profits!

       Tahir Munawer

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Magnetic Door Stop. 1

What Are Magnetic Door Stoppers?. 2

Types of Magnetic Door Stoppers. 2

Floor-mounted Magnetic Door Stoppers. 2

Wall-mounted Magnetic Door Stoppers. 3

What to Keep in Mind When Installing Magnetic Door Stoppers?. 3

Surface. 3

Installation. 3

Door Closer. 3

How to Install a Magnetic Door Stopper?. 4

Equipment and tools. 4

Installation. 4

What Are Magnetic Door Stoppers?

Whenever you attach magnets to a product, the credibility and the utility of the product increases greatly. A door stopper which is primarily used for preventing doors from slamming shut due to heavy winds or stopping them from being closed by door closers increases its significance greatly when magnets are integrated with them.

Swinging the doors and not worrying about them being slammed to the wall can only be attained by installing magnetic door stops.

Types of Magnetic Door Stoppers

There are generally two types of magnetic door stoppers. Floor mounted and wall-mounted.

Floor-mounted Magnetic Door Stoppers

Floor mounted magnetic door stoppers are less visible and provide an excellent utility to those who don’t have a wall nearby. The major problem that arises with these stoppers is that if they aren’t installed properly, you can trip or stumble due to less visibility.

Wall-mounted Magnetic Door Stoppers

As the name suggests, these door stoppers are attached to the wall and are more visible than floor-mounted door stoppers. However, wall-mounted door stoppers are mainly used for a complete open. Whereas a floor-mounted can be installed wherever according to customizable preferences. But wall-mounted door stoppers are less meddlesome, as they don’t come in the way.

What to Keep in Mind When Installing Magnetic Door Stoppers?

Everything comes with perks and detriments. Though magnetic door stoppers are highly efficient. They can seem unreliable and ineffective if not placed properly on an appropriate surface.


You should keep in mind that magnetic door stoppers need to be drilled. So, you cannot install them on a ceramic tile or plastic flooring. You need to make sure that magnetic door stoppers are installed either on wooden surfaces or concrete surfaces.


If a magnetic door stopper is installed at the wrong place (far from the magnet) then the magnet won’t be able to hold the door from closing. To prevent that from happening you need to mark the optimum place.

Door Closer

Magnetic door stoppers aren’t intended for robust usage. Using a magnetic door stopper to keep a door (with a door closer) held open can damage the magnet and as well as prove to be inefficient.

How to Install a Magnetic Door Stopper?

When you buy a traditional Magnetic Door Stopper, you will find that it comes with basically two parts and a screw kit.

Equipment and tools

  • Screw gun
  • Pencil
  • Magnetic door stopper
  • Screws


  • Mark the area where you want the door to be held open.
  • Install the baseplate of the magnet (on a floor if it is a floor-mounted or on a wall if it is a wall-mounted)
  • Drill the screw on the given positions to ensure a complete fit
  • Attach the part (that is to be attached on the door) on the mounted magnet
  • Close the door and mark the area that comes in contact with the magnet
  • Install the baseplate and drill it with the screws on the given positions
  • Open and close the door to check if you have got the perfect fit

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