Front doors are the main entrances to a dwelling or apartment having more than one entrance. According to statistics, 34% of burglars make their entrance through how to secure a front door. Securing your front door takes only a few seconds but it goes a long way in keeping you, your property, and family safe.

Ways in how to secure a front door.

Below The List Of How To Secure a Front Door

  1. Make sure you have a good and high-quality door:

Purchase a proper type of door, preferably metal or wooden doors. Many people get more concerned with the style and color of a door, rather than the security and safety it provides. This is an immense error and could be costly in the future. Old doors get weak, so it is important to know how strong existing doors are. If it needs replacement, you should make sure the new doors are made of high-quality materials.

Metal doors are often said to be the best choice for exterior door security as to their insulation factor; and they are always hard for burglars to trespass.

  1. Avoid doors with a lot of glass.
  2. Improve visibility from the inside by installing a peephole, doorbell camera or a battery-powered security camera. When installing a peephole, you should pick it out with a wide range of visibility; the left and right corners are included.
  3. Do not allow visitors to get direct access to your front door in the first instance:

Your home should have a kind of security gate or door that people have to pass through before they arrive at the front door of your home. However, this system is mainly applicable to large homes with security gates that include a closed-circuit television system and an intercom system.

  1. Ensure high security of front door hardware:

Hinges, handles, locks, fasteners, and other accessories are part of door hardware. Make sure every part of the hardware including security door knobs and door locks are in good condition. If it needs a change, ensure it is purchased from a professional door hardware store.

  1. Light up your doorway. Use motion sensor lights.
  2. Closed-circuit television monitoring and implementation of security cameras.
  3. Do not obstruct your doorway:

Make sure your front door is clear of obstructions. Obstructions include plants, outdoor furniture, trees, or bushes. Ensure your front door is easy to see.

  1. Hinges:

Hinges are important parts of a secured front door. Setscrews, bolts, and studs can also be added to the hinge pins to add security. This prevents the door from being lifted off the hinges.

  1. Monitored and unmonitored alarms:

A monitored alarm system offers utmost security and is highly reliable, though these alarms are expensive due to the fact that you need to sign the contract with a provider who will be in charge of monitoring and safeguarding your home.

Nevertheless, you can opt for an unmonitored alarm system which costs less since supervision and monitoring will be done by you. Nowadays, the alarm can be connected to your phone. That way, you will be able to monitor your home and property.

  1. Screws:

Screws tighten the metal plate to the door and it plays an important role in ensuring safety. When long and high-quality ones are used, the plate becomes difficult for burglars. The reason is not far fetched. Longer screws go deeper into the door construction and they are hard to remove when force is applied.

  1. Smart locks:
how to secure a front door

With smart locks, you can lock or unlock your door regardless of the key as its mode of operation is automatic. It can also be connected to your smartphones or computer.

  1. Reinforce door frames and hinges. There are several ways to reinforce and secure your door and add extra security to your properties.
  2. Use a strike plate lock in place of a standard door chain. A strike plate lock is similar to a standard door chain but it provides much better protection against force attacks while standard door chains are weak.
  3. Install a heavy-duty, high-quality deadbolt:

A durable deadbolt lock will greatly contribute to preventing forced entries, such as kick-ins, which is a common way burglars get in through the front door.

  1. Reinforce your front door frame by installing several screws along with the frame and doorstop. In such a way that the door frames will be secured to the wall.

With the numerous options listed above, putting them into action would go a long way in protecting our homes, businesses, and properties.

However, if you really want to improve security, you should start by reinforcing how to secure a front door.


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