How To Protect Your Kids From Getting Injured By Door Stoppers?

What I don’t like the most about a door stopper is that it is protruding! Protruding enough to hurt me or my kid! That’s why most important to know how to protect your kids from getting injured by door stoppers.

Several times I have stumbled upon a door stopper and got a pinched finger. And the pain was so irresistible that I shouted out loudly in front of my guests. Nor me or nor you can imagine your kid getting hurt by our irresponsibility.

That’s why it is our responsibility to ensure that we get the correct door stopper installed at the perfect place.

Safety should never be a priority. It should be a precondition!

Paul O’ Neill

How To Protect Your Kids From Getting Injured

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How to protect your kids getting injured from door stoppers?

5 Tips for Preventing Door Stopper Injuries. 2

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What to Keep in Mind When Installing a Floor-Mounted Magnetic Door Stopper?. 3

Latest finger pinch guards. 3


Below The Tips Of How to protect your kids from getting injured by door stoppers?


Magnetic, wooden, or rubber door stoppers, each holds a tendency of hurting you. however, wooden door stoppers are the most sharp and dangerous of all, because the sharp edges of the wooden door stopper can injure you seriously. On the contrary, magnetic door stoppers are curved and less injurious than wooden door stoppers.

Rubber door stoppers are softer than magnetic and wooden door stoppers and therefore are the least injurious amongst them. This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid magnetic and wooden door stopper, but you have to be extra careful and precautious while installing them and you have to inform your kids to be careful as well. How to protect your kids getting injured from door stoppers?.

Recently, foam door stoppers are introduced as a child safety product. But they aren’t as efficient in keeping the doors open. You can hook them on the edges of the door and they will prevent your door from banging and slamming against the wall.


I would recommend that when choosing amongst the types of door stoppers between metal and wooden ones, you should choose the wall-mounted ones. Having your door stopper mounted on your wall will prevent you and your children from tripping upon them and eventually getting a pinched finger. Therefore, the only problem with a wall-mounted door stopper is that it keeps your door fully open. While floor-mounted door stoppers can be installed anywhere on the floor.

The best option to avoid injury as well as getting a customized floor-mounted door stopper is that you get a rubber one. Rubber door stoppers are softer than wooden and magnetic ones and they have the least risk of injury.

What to Keep in Mind When Installing a Floor-Mounted Magnetic Door Stopper?

Most people don’t think of the repercussions while choosing and installing. You need to know that when you are installing a floor-mounted magnetic door stopper, you have to make sure that you mount the smaller spherical part on the door and attach the long protruding bar on the wall. This will fixate the protruding bar at a single place and will be avoided easily. On the contrary if you install the protruding magnet bar on the door, you or your child can trip over it and get a pinched finger, because the door doesn’t remain in one single place.

Latest finger pinch guards

You have probably heard about the latest finger pinch guards. These door stoppers consist of an EVA foam that is ultra-soft. Not only does these pinch guards protect your toddlers from tripping upon traditional door stoppers, but they also prevent the door from closing which eventually protect the small fingers from getting pinched between the door and the wall.

However, they cannot be replaced with the traditional magnetic, wooden, and rubber door stoppers. As these door stoppers only prevent the door from slamming and banging against the wall. You cannot expect these to keep your door open.

In the end, I would like to say that whatever you buy, make sure that safety is your top priority!


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