Do you know how much an average screen door installation cost? Around 300$!

You deserve to get fresh air in your living room without inviting the mosquitoes. But you cannot buy a screen door along with bearing the cost of installation. Why? Because you don’t know how to install a screen door cost. That’s why we have gone through the hassle of putting some DIY hacks and guidelines that will not only spare you the cost of installing a screen door but will also equip you with a bit of technical knowledge.

The installation technique is somehow similar to door installation, so you can also use it to install an interior or an exterior door (although there are some differences). And do you know what is the best part? Well, you can always earn some dollars installing screen doors! Ha-ha just kidding!

The future belongs to those who learn skills and combine them in creative ways!

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how to install a screen door

What is a Screen Door?

Letting fresh air pass while ensuring protection from deadly mosquitos, letting you observe your kids playing around in the backyard while keeping your house secure, allowing you to enjoy the rain while preventing rainwater to creep in is the job of a screen door. Do you know that the first screen doors incorporated cheesecloths? But now, screen doors are made up of screen meshes and glass panels to make sure that you can view outside while letting what is outside stay outside (I think it became a tongue twister, ha-ha)

Types of Screen Doors

There are mainly 3 types of screen doors with each having a different purpose and utility.

Storm Doors

Screen doors also refer to storm doors. However, storm doors consist of a huge glass panel that allows you to bathe in sunlight in the daytime while protecting you from storms at nighttime.

Hinged Screen Doors

Hinged Screen Doors are mostly a choice for people who reside in warm habitats. Places where thirsty mosquitoes invade houses and houseflies irritate people. A hinged screen door consists of a screen mesh (wired net) that allows fresh air to travel through while prohibiting insects from flying in.

Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door is similar to a storm door. The only difference is that you can slide it. These doors are also wider than traditional storm doors and are mainly used as a replacement to windows in balconies.

Table of Contents

How to Install a Screen Door?. 1

What is a Screen Door?. 2

Types of Screen Doors. 2

Storm Doors. 2

Hinged Screen Doors. 2

Sliding Glass Door. 2

How to Install a Screen Door?. 3

Materials. 3

Selecting Your Door. 3

Measuring Door Frame. 3

Trimming the Door. 4

Installing the Hinges, Handles, and Latches. 4

How to Install a Screen Door?


  • Screen door
  • Drill gun/ screw gun
  • Circular saw
  • Shims/ wood wedges
  • Sandpaper/ abrasive paper
  • Pencil/ marker

Selecting Your Door

Selecting a screen door can be easy if you have a prepared mind. For example, if you live in warmer habitats where storms aren’t that frequent, then you should install hinged screen doors. However, if you want to have a landscape view of your metropolitan city whenever you wake up, then you should go for sliding screen doors.

Measuring Door Frame

After you have selected the type, style, and design, measure your existing door frame. You should measure two points while measuring the width (left to right) and three points while measuring the height (top to bottom). Make sure that you have a 3/16-inch gap between your door jamb and screen door. Do not worry if your screen door is longer than the door jamb, it can always be trimmed.

Trimming the Door

Use shims/ wood wedges to hold the door in place. If the door is bigger, mark the excessive area with a pencil/ marker and trim it with a circular saw. Smooth the edges with a sand/ abrasive paper.

Installing the Hinges, Handles, and Latches

Mark the points where you want your hinges to be installed. Make sure to place the hinges on the same side as your front door. Place the hinges on the house frame and drill pilot holes using a drill gun. Drive the screws using a screw gun/ screwdriver. Similarly, drill pilot holes on the screen door frame and drive screws in them.

If your screen door doesn’t consist of a pre-installed handle, then mark the area where you want the handle to be installed and attach it using the same technique while installing hinges. Similarly, attach the latch and the door closer using the same technique.

After your know that how to install a screen door is installed, rotate it a few times to ensure proper installation.

And then? Sit behind the screen door and enjoy the fresh air or the sunlight!


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