Bi-fold doors also known how to install a Bi fold door or room dividers have long been a basic material in homes because they are lightweight, affordable and can be installed individually. Bi folds can be internal or external depending on where you want to make use of it. i.e they can be installed inside or outside your home; as a gateway to your conservatory or as a way to split a large room. While door are not created for privacy or to keep out Intruders, they do a great job of providing essential services. Bi-fold doors are obtainable in a variety of materials like wood, PVC, and aluminum. There are as well as numerous styles, colors, and shapes.

Below The Tips of How To Install a Bi Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are installed with hardware kits that match the door but sometimes they are sold separately.

A standard kit includes:

  • A door track with mounting screws.
  • A spring-loaded stop and pivot guide.
  • A pivot bracket (for the bottom of the door).
  • A solid pivot pin (for the top of the door on the closed side).
  • A roller pin with a nylon wheel on it (for the top of the door that opens).
  • An adjustable pivot pin that fits into the bottom pivot bracket on the closed side.

Equipment needed.

  • Pencil.
  • Drill (wood drill bits and screwdriver bits).
  • Hammer or rubber mallet.

Materials needed.

  • Bi fold doors hardware kit.

Steps in How To Install a Bi Fold Door.

How To Install a Bi Fold Door
  1. Install the door track:
  2. Slide the pivot guide into the door track making the pivot pinhole to face the non opening How To Install a Bi Fold Door.
  3. Position the door track on the top of the door opening.
  4. Mark the mounting screw holes with a pencil.
  5. Set the track aside and drill home at each mark, using a drill and wood but slightly smaller than the mounting screws.
  6. Reposition the track and fasten it in place with its mounting screws, using the drill and screwdriver bit.
  1. Install the top pivot pin:
  2. Stand up the door and lean it against the wall close to the door opening in the position it will be installed. Take more of the two holes on the top of the door.
  3. Insert the top pivot pin into the hole on the door of the doorway.
  4. Push the pin all the way into the hole, using a hammer or rubber mallet to tap it gently if necessary.
  1. Install the roller pin:
  2. Attach the roller pin into the hole on the other door panel. Tap it in with a hammer if need be, but be careful not to destroy the roller it the internal spring.

4. Install the bottom pin:

  • Fold the door in half and set it on the floor in its side boundaries.
  • Put the bottom pin into the home on the hinged door panel. This pin must be on the same panel as the pivot pin on the top of the door.
  • Tap lightly with a hammer and rubber mallet to seat the pin in.

5. Install the bottom bracket:

  • Install the L shaped bottom bracket onto the door jamb on the hinged side, adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Drill pilot holes and attach the bracket with its mounting screws. Two screws driven into the side jamb should be ample, but an additional hole is provided in the bracket, in case you want to screw it into the floor to add stability.

The center of the bottom bracket should be the same measure from the front edge of the door opening as the center top pivot bracket. This ensures proper alignment of the doors with the jambs.

.6. Install the doorstop:

  • Trutch the spring-loaded stop into the end of the track on the opening side of the door. It can be easily broken, so it should not be hammered.

7. Hang the door:

  • Insert the top pivot pin into the pivot guide inside the track.
  • Swing the base of the door into place, so that the bottom pivot pin rests in the L shaped bracket.

┬áIf the door doesn’t properly fit in, raise or lower the door by screwing and unscrewing in the adjustable point on the bottom of the door.

  • Check the distance between the door and the non opened side jamb, if it is unequal, change the position of the bottom pivot pin on its brackets to make the door go even.
  • Reach up and press down the spring-loaded wheel at the top of the door.
  • Swing the door into place to align the wheel under the tract, then release the wheel so it pops up into the tract.
  • Close and open the door to check for proper operation.

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