Hanging a door is easy and can be done by anyone. You can replace an existing door or try to fix a new door. It requires a few adjustments such as adjusting hinges, trimming the door, replacing hinges with adjustable hinges, working the casing and reinstalling the trim. Now we share a tricks how to hang a door in the home. You can install it if you have the necessary materials and tools ready. The steps analyzed below will guide you in fitting the door into a door frame.

how to hang a door

What you need how to hang a door in the home.

  • Tape measure
  • Sharp HB pencil
  • Combination square
  • Pre-hung door
  • Levels
  • Cedar door shims
  • Hammer
  • 16d finishing nails
  • 10d finishing nails
  • Nail set
  • Wood putty
  • Wood sealer
  • Electric nailer ( optimal)

Installation how to hang a door

In terms of which way you should hang a door or where the top and bottom is, a 4 of 6 paneled doors has a horizontal time across the bottom of the door than at the top. Hollow core doors have a lock bolt inside which is a solid piece of timber to secure the latch. It is usually indicated on the top of the door.

In terms of which direction to hang the door, the door can open in one direction which makes the decision easier. You can decide which way the door would swing before hanging the door.

  • Prepare the door lining or frame: Make sure the frame is square, level, and in-wind. Measure and take length.  Use a blunt chisel to scrape off any plaster off the door frame ( they make be new if the wall was recently plastered, just to give it a neat decorative look). For old doors, you may need to change the door stops. If the lining doesn’t have stops already built, fix your combination square to the thickness of the door edge( generally 3.5-44mm thick), draw a line from the in from the lining at each corner. Repeat this about 3in down from the top and same up from the floor away from the hinge.
how to hang a door
  •  Place the door in the lining and mark it up: Fix the door into the liner with the lock block in the side where the handle and knob will be fitted. If the door is to be adjusted to the frame, do so by planning with an electric or hand plane depending on how big you want to trim. Raise the door in the opening with a wooden wedge with only a 2/3 mm gap remaining at the top. Check if there is a large enough gap under to allow for floor covering. We are help to know how to hang a door. A preying door can be used in which the frame is already installed with one of the sides trimmed. Most of its hardware is also pre-installed making it super easier to install. There are 3in at the side of the jamb and 1 1/2in at the top job for fitting.
how to hang a door
  • Mark the hinges: Draw a line and fix the thing on the door and door frame as well. Once the positions are marked remove from the door and lining. Place it on the door edge to Mark the length. Slide the hinge up to the line and move the other end of the hinge. Set the marking measure and work from the edge of the door and frame. This ensures how to hang a door will always close.
how to hang a door
  • Adjust the hinge: Start by cutting the top and bottom of the hinge horizontally with a sharp chisel. Carefully scrape away the waste, keeping the lines. If you are fitting a slack hinge, you need to remove the pin first and slide it back in the other end so it doesn’t fall out after you hang the door. Mainly, it is corrected by tightening or loosening the screws that hold the hinge to the liner. Installing adjustable hinges gives extra benefits, by adjusting one hinge in one direction and the other in another. Even normal, none adjustable hinges can be adjusted slightly. One way to pull the tighter is to eliminate the existing screws and replace them with slightly longer screws. Screw it as tightly as possible.
how to hang a door
  • Trim the bottom: Use an electric plane or circular saw. Cut the door with a straight edge sharp blade before you cut the bottom to prevent tear-out.
  • Applying a leading-edge: Mostly, it is important to fix a heading edge to the door so it does not hit the door.
  • Screw the door to the lining: Lift the door out and lift it up to the frame at a slight angle. Screw the top hinge and the lining first. Don’t fill the hinge up with all the screws yet as you may need adjustment. Slowly swing the door open and close, watching the level. Note what happens and point it on the floor with chalk or painter’s tape.
how to hang a door

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