Many people take the issue of a door stopper lightly until the door slams into the wall damaging the doorknob and the wall painting, when the noise of the slams becomes disturbing or when little kids get injured by the door. A doorstop is a vital tool in the home. No matter how careful you are when closing the door, without a doorstop you risk doing severe damage to your doors, walls, and family.

Most of the time, it is not just the children or pets that slam the door, adults too tend to forget. Apart from sliding doors, connecting a door to a hinge is a common way of installing the door to the frame. The hinge has to be durable so it can hold the weight of the door. Now you know how helpful is a door stopper on hinge doors.


Door hinges can be installed in two ways; it is either installed to swing inward the house or to swing outward. In both ways, a doorstop is extremely important to prevent injuries and extra expenses. The strongest part of the hinge (the part with the highest knuckle) should be attached to the frame.

A doorstop enthralled behind the door makes the door not slam and damage the wall, doorknob, and the furniture close by. A doorstop installed in front of a door would prevent the door from abruptly slamming shut, or catching the fingers of both adults and children. Some importance know how helpful is a door stopper on hinge doors are:

Below the list of How Helpful Is A Door Stopper On Hinge Doors

  1. It prevents injuries: Doorstop on hinge doors prevent injuries as the stops restrict the movement of the door. Innocent children playing around won’t get their fingers caught in it. As some tend to play with the door, it may slam on their fingers. Adults also can get their hands caught in the door, the door may slam on them when passing through it without fully opening them. You are also safeguarding the kids from roaming around depending on how you install the doorstop.
  1. Convenience when moving heavy load: Doorstop aids your movement in and out of the house when you are carrying a heavy load or when you are taking a lot of things at once. Instead of closing and opening with your leg or fingers which may be injured, the doorstop holds the door in place for free, easy, and convenient movement.
  1. Protection of your walls: The doorstops protect your doors from slamming into the wall. As the hinge gives it maximum movement, it can slam really hard into the wall causing total damage of the door and the doorknob, damaging the wall which can begin firstly as a crack and become a hole expanding to the other sides of the wall, it can damage the paint also ( as the wall begins to crack if proper care is not taken it can lead to collapsing). Best way to how helpful is a door stopper on hinge All these would require extra cost to repair or change them totally. Therefore, the doorstops save you money.
  1. Ventilation: Doorstops give room for proper ventilation. In houses where there are not enough windows or in hot season the door stopper keeps the door wide open for a breeze in and out of the house. Staying in a room without ventilation can be suffocating, the door stops are there to ease the situation.
  1. Style: Doorstops are accessories that give your interior a finishing touch. Most of the door stops are designed in several luxurious styles, designs, and finishes. Doorstops should be chosen to match the interior of your home.
  1. Holding the door open: Sometimes you just want to keep the door open, the door stopper holds the door wide open till it gets to the point you want.
  1. Doorstops are designed in a way to absorb the force of a quickly opened door. They resist the impact that is supposed to hit the door and cause damage to it but the doorstop itself retains its position without breaking.
  1. Doorstops are safer and economical. As some people do use wood or block as stops, these add to dangers instead of resolving the dangers. Using door stops makes the environment safe even for children without the fear of injuries.
  1. Noise: As doors slam they make a loud noise and the noise can be extremely disturbing. It can wake up sleeping children, pets, or cause shock.

There are several other importance of the doorstop, most of which have been combined into the few points above. It is better to plan early by purchasing doorstops for your home rather than waiting till an injury case occurs.

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