The doors and windows are the home’s weakest points. These entrances and exits are prone to several dangers. As the cases of burglary are becoming rampant it is very important to install a door sensor in the home. There are share a way to how does a door sensor work? window sensor, or contact sensor is important in the home. Although it was originally designed to detect when intruders open the door or windows, it has been advanced to offer more functions.

The early home security electronics featured the door sensor, in which when a door or window is opened it triggers a big vibrating bell in the main part of the building. Technology has expanded and there have been several modifications to that, thereby leaving homeowners with several choices. 

Door sensors keep burgers away thereby keeping our homes safe, it protects and restrains kids in the house, it gives peace of mind and alerts of dangers, it triggers alarms immediately a breach is detected, it provides protection to our valuables( when our in places like jewelry boxes), our food( when placed in freezer it detect when the door of the freezer is opened, it detects when the door of the store or kitchen is opened), yards( it detects any movement into our yards without prior knowledge).

The door sensors can be installed anywhere that has an open and close function in the house, so it helps keep track of valuables in the house. Here is all you need to know about door sensors. We are collecting best tips to how does a door sensor work?


Virtually all doors and windows use a reed switch to know when a secured area is breached. The reed switch was invented in Bell telephone laboratory in 1936 and is now widely used. It is used in numerous devices like doorbells and laptops( which makes it easy for a laptop to solid) depending on the electrical connectors. It consists of a set of  the reed switch and the magnet making it a closed circuit when the door is closed. One part is installed on the door and the other is fixed on the door jamb.

The electrical connectors are slightly placed apart with a magnetic field placed parallel which pulls them together and closes the circuit. The reed switch and the magnet should be arranged close to each other, then the switch will be closed and an electrical current will be applied. Also when the switch is opened and the parts are detached, the circuit will turn off due to the stop in current flow. 

The magnet keeps the reed switch exactly in place, the important reason they should be placed right next to each other. When an armed door is opened , the magnet is pulled away from the reed switch which gives a hint to the control panel and it then triggers the alarm which may be a text, alert or a full blown alarm. The alarms are configured as we want it to be, so they vary.

Door sensors can either be wired or wireless. The wireless sensors are powered by battery and should be checked frequently, they are connected to other home devices and an external remote controller can be attached. It is quick to install and usable for all houses. The wired system is connected by a cable which transmits the necessary information to the system.

Below the Tips to how does a door sensor work?

  • Overhead door sensor: It has protected cables linked to the switch to be durable. They are mostly used in large roll up garage doors. The doors don’t have close tolerance thereby prone to false alarm.
how does a door sensor work?
  • Roller ball door sensor: It is installed on the hinge side on the door frame, it’s contact is broken off. Regardless, it features a ball bump. The contact closes when the door closes and opens, when the reverse happens it triggers the alarm.
how does a door sensor work?
  • Surface mount door sensor: It’s wired connection is used to connect the contact sensor to the control panel. It can be used also as a wireless sensor.
how does a door sensor work?
  • Pull-apart door sensor: It is built with a while and a magnet, the magnet slides into the hole to complete the circuit. If an armed entrance is opened, the contact opens and triggers the alarm. This sensor is often used on gates. These are very useful to know about how does a door sensor work?
how does a door sensor work?
  • Recessed door sensorThey are installed on both windows and doors. The connections are wired to move easily into the hole to make contact. These are used with wireless home security or alarm systems.
how does a door sensor work?

With the knowledge on door sensors, it is vital to install them in every part with valuable items, places where you want restrictions in the house. These post are very helpful to know how does a door sensor work?

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