Doors are part of the decorative parts in the house. As decorative as they are, they are the most sensitive and important part of the house. Now you know the way to how do you use a door Stopper You surely do not take the security of your house for granted, the doors and windows are always locked when you leave the house or when you go to sleep at night. You sleep and go out knowing the house is fully secure.

You may be worried about security when you are in a hotel, as you do not know who and who has the keys to your room. Here the tips of how do you use a door stopper. As the door is important so how do you use a door stopper; the door knob, locks and door stoppers. The door stopper is the least recognized but part of the important tools for security.

How Do You Use A Door Stopper

The Importance Tips Of How Do You Use A Door Stopper?

Aside from the decorative side of a door stopper, the important function of the door stopper is security. Door stoppers hold the door open or close but for security they hold the door closed. Most people get door stoppers for safety. When you are in and about to sleep, when you know how do you use a door stopper lodge in a hotel etc. these door stops add additional security giving us peace of mind knowing we are secure.

How Do You Use A Door Stopper

Know The Right Door Stopper

Knowing the right door stopper for your door is very important. Doors can be heavy or lightweight, some are made with wood, metal and glass. You have to know the type of door stopper that will suit your door as there are some that work for all doors and some that don’t. Since you are buying the stops for security reasons you do not want a stopper that would slip immediately if the door is pushed, or get broken. Quality door stoppers are able to resist external force pushing the door. They have a high gripping power and are durable. Know the right door stopper for your door to avoid disappointment.

Get The Door Stopper

As you have carefully considered all factors you are set to get your door stop. As you get these stops for your home, get portable ones for travelling. You might need one when you lodge at a hotel or you are offered to spend the night at a place you don’t know. Some of these door stops come with extra features such as an alarm. In some cases, you may not want the alarm.

There are several other features that come with the door stoppers. Apart from being portable, the stops should be durable, strong, have high gripping power etc. You might consider getting a door wedge with alarm or a door jammer as they are easy to install and very functional.


After getting the door stops, you may be tired on reaching home. You may either sleep or rest for a while, all because the door stoppers are easy to install. Happy right? You do not need to spend much time installing it. Some come with manuals for installing as easy guides. The doorstops can either be installed behind the door, in front of the door, on the wall, etc. Some installations need to just slide beneath the door, some on the handle among others ( more of the reason you should take the second point seriously).

If you got a door stopper that is in the form of a wedge, you need to just slide it under the door to the point where it is firmly stuck. Some come with an alarm, as the stopper sense forces entry, it would sound the alarm as well as tightly holding the door in place and resisting the force.

How Do You Use A Door Stopper

If you got a stopper in the form of a door jammer as not all doors work well with a wedge,you just need to place it below the door knob and increase the space between it and the door. It won’t sound the alarm, a little foot slip under the door and a rubber backing cushions a tall brace made of metal. Adjust with a little thumbscrew at the back for a good tight fit that will prevent even someone with a key to your room from entering while you are sleeping.This has a strong gripping power to the ground and cannot easily slide no matter the force pushing the door.

How Do You Use A Door Stopper
How Do You Use A Door Stopper

As you have barricaded your door, you can sleep comfortably without worry of break-in or home invasions. As the door stops keep the door strongly locked and secured. With the door stopper, you can boast of a tangible level of security in your home.

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