Having kids go outside without their parents knowing is one of the biggest fears of the parents as what lies there in the outside world are several potential dangers. And you all know that the curiosity of a child is nothing to be compared with as they can wander off while they go play outside.

Using door stopper for kids is not just to keep them safe from going outside into the dangers that lie there but also to ensure their safety even when indoors. For instance, door stoppers can prevent a child from pinning their fingers in a closed or slammed door or prevent a door made of glass from breaking when slammed thereby preventing harm from your kids.

A door stopper for kids is a child proofing device to ensure the safety of your young ones especially when you as a parent or a guardian are not there to guide them. And they can be used on door knobs, Lever handles, sliding doors, exterior and interior doors.

Below The List of Best Door Stopper For Kids.

Doors that have fixtures like a knob; a knob cover can be used so as to make it difficult for the child from opening the door just by a simple turning of the knob. This technique is similar to the plastic caps on liquid medicine bottles and it is most times preferable as they remain on the knob saving you from the risk of forgetting to put them back in place each time the door is being used.

There are of different types, some knob covers will allow you turn the knob only when your fingers (thumb and index) stick through holes in the cover while this is impossible for kids who have small and short fingers and some require the parent or an adult with bigger hands to operate simultaneously two buttons in other to use the door.

Doors with lever handles are very easy for kids to open because just by grabbing the handle and pulling it down the door is wide open making it easy for kids to get out of the house into the outside world. For this kind of door, there are covers which can fit into the door handle with their adhesive strips or that can be driven into the door with screws.

Doors that are made of glass, especially sliding ones, are quite dangerous when slammed. Using a door stopper will absorb the force by which it is being slammed. Also a sliding door flip lock is very effective as it sticks to the glass with an adhesive strip. These is the best door stopper for kids.

The flip lock is operated this way; when the lock is up, it prevents the door from being open and when the lock is down it allows the door to slide. When installing this device, it is advisable you install it at least 15 inches above the lock of the sliding door so as to prevent kids from reaching up either by stretching or climbing something because of their curiosity to unlock the device.

Best Door Stopper For Kids
  • For Interior Doors

Like I said earlier that using a Door stopper is not just to prevent kids from going outside but also to keep them safe indoors. These is the best door stopper for kids. There are places within the house that you wouldn’t want your kids to have access to due to safety hazards.

For such areas it is important for you to use a door stopper so as to prevent your kids to have access into them while there are areas which cannot be entirely prevented from your kids such as the pantry, bathroom and so on. Examples include,

  1. Top Lock: A Top Lock is suitable for different types of interior doors, unlike the lever handle and knob covers, a top lock is installed directly on the door and on the door frame where your kids’ hands cannot reach, and it can be unlocked from either side of the door.
Best Door Stopper For Kids
  1. Pressure Unlock Door Releasethis is mainly used for interior doors where you change the hardware with a knob of a pressure unlock release. These is the best door stopper for kids. This is very useful especially when your kid locks his or her up in another room as it allows you to open the lock from the other side by just inserting a pin.
Best Door Stopper For Kids
  • For Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are mainly the exits of the house, so guarding your front door will keep your kids away from wandering outside. These is the best door stopper for kids. There are door stoppers devices or techniques that can prevent your kids from opening the door when you are not looking.

  1. The Security Door Chain Technique:

One of the fastest and easiest ways to doorstop your front door is to install a security door chain high enough above the door handle so as to ensure that they are prevented from going outside. It should be installed in a way that the kids hands do not reach the latch even if they stand on something like a stool or chair(as they can be very curious).

Best Door Stopper For Kids
  1. Door Monkey

Sometimes the need for good ventilation sometimes may make you want to leave your front door open, however your kids can slip outside and get themselves in a mess. This type of door stopper clips to the door itself and attaches itself to the door frame leaving the door slightly open.

This will allow good ventilation and small pets to pass but not your kids. This device also does not allow the fingers of your kids from getting pinched in-between slammed doors. It is very easy to install and locks automatically.

Best Door Stopper For Kids

Note: All these door stopper for kids are available in both traditional and contemporary designs and can be found in your local hardware store and online store.

We all enjoy the fresh air that comes through our doors and that is why the idea of using a Door monkey is recommended as this device is designed to keep your doors slightly open for as long as you want regardless and the stops will ensure you continue to enjoy fresh air.

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