Door stop are very useful item in every home but unfortunately, they are not always found in there, as many would think that they are only useful when the door needs to be opened or when they need soothing breeze to enter the house, but beyond keeping your door open it is also brings a little difference in your home which can be fascinating and at the same time fun.

Finding a unique way to leave your door open with some interesting doorstops ideas is exciting to have on your list to do. There are certain door stop ideas that when carried out will definitely reduce comments from anyone that walks into your house.

The position at which a door stop ideas is required to stop a door is a defining factor for this device as there are several hardware that are called door stoppers. For example, the strips of a magnetic material that are merged to the inside top edge of a cabinet that is frameless is referred to as a door stopper.

Therefore, this article is dedicated to provide you with amazing door stop ideas that you can carry out yourself which can bring about the difference you want in your home.  Listed below are amazing and unusual door stop ideas that you can implement to make door stop designs that can help change your house look and at the same time serve its purpose. Follow Me!

Best Door Stop Ideas Lists.

If you’ve been thinking that door stoppers have to be boring, then you need to re-think. You can customize an amazing door stop with a wood that would look fascinating and also serve its purpose as a door stopper. The things you need are a piece of wood, a drill, a saw, a sand paper, a screw and brass washer, paint (any color) and some paint brushes.

Best Door Stop Ideas

This idea is quite strange right, but be sure it will blow your mind about the result you’ll get when you do what I am asking you to do. You can make a door stopper from a fabric and fill it up with dry beans or rice.

Since you would be creating this door stop yourself you can choose whatever way you want it to appear but make sure you use fabric with different color designs, prints and patterns to make it look fascinating (this is if you are choosing a fabric as your main material for the sac). And if you are very good at die cutting, you can stitch some die cut designs of fabric on it so as to look more appealing.

Best Door Stop Ideas

The goal for a door stopper to achieve is to keep the door open, so concrete blocks can serve as a great asset when it comes to keeping a heavy door open while they don’t occupy too much space on the floor. You can get concrete blocks of different shapes and sizes, and attach ropes into them (a thick twine is preferable) and use them and you can get moulds (it can be empty plastic containers), tape, a coupler and concrete.

Best Door Stop Ideas

Aside from door stoppers being able to stop doors or keep them in a static motion, they can serve as a sealer too. This is where a thin and long pillow comes into place; they can stop doors and at the same time serve as an excluder.  In order for you to make this type of door stop you will need threads of a variety of colours, fabrics or canvas, and tapestry needles.

Best Door Stop Ideas
  • Using Rice Pillows as Door Stop

The reason for putting rice inside pillows is to make your door stop heavy. You can make door stoppers that appear as lightweight pillows by filling them up with rice and placing them in the position you want them to be. You will require a rice bag, a needle, straight pins, ribbon, muslin fabrics and some threads to make this kind of rice pillows. Easy right!

  • Using Linen Sac for your Fabric Door Stop

It is very simple to make, you would need four rectangular pieces of fabric for the sides with two square fabric pieces for the top and the bottom. The linen may be simple or pattern depending on your choice. This will give a nice look to your fabric and you can also make a handle for it with a ribbon preferably then fill the door stop with dry beans.

  • Rocks and Logs As a Door Stopper

This idea is quite interesting as they are readily found in the environment. You can therefore use heavy and large rocks only on carpet to be precise as door stop and you can also use logs especially wooden tree stumps as door stoppers. This is very easy as they can be readily found in the environment.

  • Anything Weighty Used as a Makeshift Door Stopper

A makeshift door stopper is used when you can’t find anything around your home to use as a door stopper. This is achieved by filling a lightweight cavity with heavy things turning them into a heavy door stop. You can use cavities such as empty thin can or a bucket and can fill them up with marbles, stones, rice grains, dry beans to add weight to the object.

  • Kids Toys as Door Stoppers

 It is quite easy to make use of and build, if you are the type that wants something fun and interesting, especially for your kids then this is your best shot. You can build wooden door stops on your own and therefore attach the toy to the doorstep of wood using a glue, then apply some metallic spray paint coating to the whole item thereafter.

All through these articles are amazing door stop ideas that are very easy to do yourself and achieve your goal of door stopping your door and also make a little difference in your home. I’m so sure you find this article helpful.

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