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Before deliberating the answer to this question, you should be conscious of the divergence between the interior and exterior doors. An exterior door is a kind of foremost door that allows access to or way out from a building. An exterior door is a result of the fusion of several materials such as wood with an armored metal frame. They may be constructed wholly of metal or steel. As they are well-thought-out as safe and protective doors, they are mostly thick and heavy.

These doors grant us security and endure stable use. And keep the cold and warmth of the weather out. These were some basic key points of an exterior door; now let’s talk about the interior doors. An interior door is a door within the room that connects rooms. To judge against the exterior door interior doors are lighter and less expensive. They are not a blend of many materials but are made up of wood or fiberboard. The interior doors are categorized into 2 types:

  • High-quality doors are insulated and have a solid core.
  • Mid-grade quality doors are rarely insulated and have wooden fibers in the core.

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Is Replacing Interior Door with an Exterior Door a Good Option?

Now let’s jump into the real topic. Can we replace an interior door with an exterior one? The answer to this question is yes, we can replace an interior door with an exterior one. Now you might be thinking of how it is even possible?  There are several reasons for doing this.

Some people pay all of their consideration to the exterior doors and design their exterior doors worth-watching, but when it comes to the interior doors they are not just ready to invest on them because according to them an exterior door is enhancing the beauty and charm of the house as it is perceptible to every person. They need to know that interior doors are as important as the exterior ones. I am listing some principle reasons for inserting an exterior door in place of an interior one;


As we are well aware of the fact that exterior doors are made up of solid core whereas interior doors are mostly hollow cored. And due to this reason, the durability of an exterior door is more as compared to the interior one.


The size of the exterior door is greater than the interior door. The average size difference is 7-8 inches in the width and 3-4 inches in the length.


Exterior doors always open inward, while interior doors open outward and oblige different hinge mortises.


  • Exterior doors are more durable than interior doors.
  • They are more than interior doors.
  • They stop the extreme weather conditions more efficiently than the interior doors.
  • They are thicker and heavier than the interior doors.
  • They are manufactured by a variety of materials.

These were some of the pros of inserting an exterior door in place of an interior one. But everything having pros also comes with some cons in it. Here are some cons of doing this as well. So, let’s have a bird-eye view of them as well.


  • They are expensive than interior doors.
  • Inserting an exterior door in place of an interior door is labor-intensive and challenging.
  • You need highly professional labor to trim and change an interior door to an exterior one.
  • If you map on transferring your existing door to the inside of your home, you will have to ensure if it is still brawny enough to be disassembled and reassembled.
  • It could have distorted, malformed, or sustained structural smash-up, which would present added difficulties to the reassign.

Things Involved in Inserting an Exterior Door in Place of Interior Door

Replacing an interior door with an exterior one is not an easy task. Following are some important points to practice while exchanging the door.


While doing anything, safety should be the top priority. For that purpose, the person managing the task should wear the proper safety equipment such as construction gloves, safety goggles, a helmet, and boots. If the door you are working on is old one painted with lead-based paints then strip off the paint and re-paints it with less toxic paint. Keep the children away from the working place and don’t forget to dispose of the old paint. 

Trimming the door

The second most important step is to trim the door. As we all know that exterior doors are bigger than the interior doors in length as well as width. So, to convert an exterior door into an interior one it is needed to be trimmed precisely by the professional. To decrease the width, it will be cut from the right and left side equally to maintain the symmetry. And to decrease the length it will be cut from top and bottom equally.

Preparing the interior door frame

It is the most important step in this replacement of doors. You can’t insert a door until you have a proper frame for it. So firstly, you have to design an interior door frame to accommodate the exterior door at its place. And for that, you have to craft adjustments to the interior doors pivot and its positions. You can hire a professional for this task or you can ask the professional to design a customized interior door just like your exterior door which needs not to be trimmed or framed, which just fits into the frame of the inner door. 

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