The Best Steamer For Travel Cleaners 2022

For your next trip, we recommend these best steamer for travel to take with you. Travel steamers are portable versions bringing a lot of convenience to your life. Though they are not so different from the garment steamers. A garment steamer is a great equipment to have in your home, it helps in removing wrinkles and crumples on your fabrics. It gets a lot easier to straighten your garments when the steamer is lightweight, transportable and simple to handle. Steam cleaners are great alternatives to irons, basically, there were even made to surpass irons.

Steamers came into play when it became quite difficult to control the temperatures of electric irons. Not only do steamers clear wrinkles, they free bad odor, germs, and dust from clothes. Steam is widely known for its cleaning properties, that’s why steam is the basic principle for this equipment. It carries out this process by heating water till it turns to steam. You will want to save yourself from the embarrassment of showing up at a functional meeting with a crumpled wear. This is likely to happen, especially if you like to travel a lot. The handheld garment steamer is portable, promising to quickly fix your clothes anywhere.

With the different brands of steamers earning positive reviews, choosing the best handheld garment steamer is not always easy. Though, there are certain criteria to consider before choosing one. Luckily for you, this is where we come in, by helping you choose from Amazon, one of the trusted websites, a suitable travel steam cleaner. 

Best Steamer For Travel
best steamer for travel

Designed with an amazing versatility, this steamer choice has 7-in-1 multi-uses. It is a leading garment steamer that comes with a large 240ML tank capacity. The huge water tank capacity offers you continuous steaming for up to 15 minutes. This is a perfect steamer that will assist in sterilizing your clothes and for a healthy living. The module of the steamer is lightweight coupled with its portability. It is an ideal choice steamer for travel purposes. Overall, this is an ideal 700W steamer with powerful steam. In addition, the steamer comes with a long 9 feet power cord enabling it to turn in any direction when steaming clothes.


  • Long 9 feet power cord for flexible movement when steaming
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Versatile
  • Portable


  • Does not hold much water
best steamer for travel

 This technology  works like a dry steam iron to help remove wrinkles on clothes. The steamer has a hi-tech micro heating panel. The panel heats up water quickly in the reservoir in at least 60 seconds. Afterwards, producing a smoothing flow that sterilizes, refreshes, humidifies, treats, and cleans garments. This steamer is fairly easy and safe to use.

The steamer accompanies a specific kind of nozzle design that delivers a powerful smoothing jet. Also, the steamer comes with automatic shutdown when steam gets too hot, or when water in the reservoir is too low. This is a travel-friendly garment steamer easy to pack and store. It is a great choice for removing wrinkles and one to buy with full assurance. It is a ready to go steamer designed for times when you are in a hurry. It is a perfect choice.


  • Excellent at ridding crinkles
  • Automatic shutdown for safety when it becomes hot or water levels are too low
  • Water heating is fast and reliable
  • Powerful smoothing jet spray


  • Lacks a pressure gauge
best steamer for travel

This remains one of the best garment steamers to consider buying this year. It is a multipurpose quality steamer with premium quality material construction. The best steamer for travel is induced with the latest Infra Therm heating system that heats water pretty fast in 25 seconds. It is an excellent steamer capable of delivering 10 minutes of continuous steam during usage.

You can easily iron, refresh, and sterilize different kinds of fabrics. This is a safe steamer coupled with a BPA-free PP construction. This is a lightweight steamer that will never tip over or spill water when steaming. It is a compact design steamer that holds 130ml of water. In addition, the steamer comes with automatic shutdown when water levels are too low for added safety. Overall, this is a powerful garment cleaner to buy with confidence right away.


  • Removes tough wrinkles in less than 90 seconds
  • Fast heating due to presence of an InfaTherma heating system
  • BPA-free ABS plastic construction
  • Comes with automatic shutdown


  • Does not handle heavier fabrics properly

4. Hamilton Beach Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes:

This is another advisable steamer with a travel-friendly portable design. It is one of those convenient apparatus with you everywhere. Despite the compact size, this steamer does a perfect job handling the tough wrinkles. One of the most attractive features is its heating ability, it heats up super-fast.  It is a lightweight and compact design steamer that will easily fit in your suitcase or bag.  damage. This is a decent garment steamer with a large 180ml water tank. The steamer also heats pretty fast in 75 seconds, saving you time.


  • Super-fast heating in 75 seconds or less
  • Large 180ml water tank capacity
  • It is Portable and travel-friendly
  • Safety protection with auto-shutdown


  • Great but a little small water tank
best steamer for travel

This is a large capacity design handheld steamer with 240ml water tank. It is easy to use and does not come with attachments. It is the right choice for you and is capable of 15-minute continuous steaming. The steamer delivers high-temperature steam to aid in removing tough wrinkles. This is a compact and lightweight steamer easy to pack and use when travelling.

It is also easy to refill and clean. This is a versatile design steamer capable of steaming a wide range of fabric garments. In addition, the best steamer for travel comes with a wide 9 feet cord for flexible movement range when steaming. Overall, this is a versatile steamer convenient for home and travel use. It is a powerful 700W steamer easy to use for all kinds of fabrics.


  • 9 feet extra-long power cord
  • Large 240ml water tank
  • Suitable for all kinds of fabric
  • Compact and travel-friendly design
  • Affordable but effective steamer


  • Takes a little longer to heat up
  • No attachments
  1.  Home Labs Handheld Portable Garment Steamer:

This is another unique garment steamer with an exclusive new nozzle design. The nozzle design evenly distributes heat to all areas of your fabric while handling stubborn wrinkles. This steamer is quite easy and safe to use. It features automatic shutdown when the water levels are too low or when the steam is very hot in order to function properly. This helps prevent overheating or cause damage to the steamer. Overall, this is a multi-purpose best steamer for travel with versatile 7-in-1 uses. You can use it to treat, refresh, clean, sanitize, sterilize and defrost clothes. In addition, the steamer heats up pretty fast saving on waiting time. It is a travel-friendly steamer to use on travel and home.


  • Small and appropriate price
  • Versatile design with 7-in-1 uses
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Fast heating


  • Short length of cord
  1.  Rowenta DR6131 Handheld Steamer, 15 Second Heat Up and Ultra Light Body:

This is a 1000W handheld garment steamer with amazing steaming capabilities. The steamer is highly rated with lots of positive reviews and a great option. It comes with a rotating non-bind power cord giving users excellent movement flexibility. It is an instant fabric steamer that produces hot steam in a fast 15 seconds. The best steamer for travel also features a large 8oz water tank capable of producing 15-minute of uninterrupted stream flow. Generally, it is a sturdy and durable garment steamer with a stainless-steel faceplate. The steamer also comes with a 2-year warranty for confidence in buying.


  • Large 8oz water tank
  • Fast 15-second heating
  • Flexible rotating and non-binding power cord
  • Powerful 1000W steamer


  • Poor directions on how to steam
best steamer for travel

It is one of the best out there with a lot of innovation in the nozzle itself. The steamer has a creaser, fabric brush, and soft cushion brush. You can choose to change the attachments depending on the fabric. Furthermore, large removable water reservoirs with extended and continuous steaming. The steamer gives you up to 15-minute steam time on continuous usage. This is a powerful 1100W fabric steamer with fast heat up in 75 seconds. It is a dual heat setting steamer easy to use with a slide switch. Overall, this is an efficient garment steamer with a steam pause feature to help save energy.


  • Dual heat settings with easy-slide switch changing
  • Fast 75-second heating
  • 15-minute continuous steam production
  • Versatile with three head attachments


  • Quite heavy
  1. iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Luxury Edition] Powerful Dry Steam. Multi-Task

The URPOWER is another exceptional garment steamer with different nozzle design. The uniquely designed nozzle design distributes steam powerfully and evenly for excellent results coupled with its affordability. It can remove stubborn wrinkles. This is a compact and lightweight design steamer easy for usage and travelling. It features a 130ml water tank giving users 7-10 minutes of steam. In addition, this steamer heats pretty fast getting you steaming your fabrics in 2 minutes. There is further safety protection when the water level goes down, or the unit gets too hot. The steamer will automatically shut down to prevent any damage.


  • Compact and lightweight design for portability
  • Fast heating
  • New nozzle design for even steam distribution
  • 130ml water tank with 7-10 minutes of steam


  • Wastes time before cooling down


  1. What is the warranty on travel steam cleaners?

Every steam cleaner comes with a reliable life time warranty. The least is 2 years.

  • Is steaming clothes the same as dry cleaning?

Yes, it is the same. Although steaming clothes kills more germs than normal dry cleaning would.

  • Is a steamer the same as an iron?

No It isn’t. Iron uses the plate underneath to smoother creases while steam cleaners work but ejecting steam at the clothing without having any contact on the fabric.

  • What type of clothing are garment steamers most suitable for?

They can be used on delicate fabrics such as suitwears, sportcoats, polyester.

Also on tough fabrics that are difficult to straighten due to their design. E.g pleats and layers.

  • Is it worth getting a travel steamer?

It definitely is worth it. It will save you from a lot of things ranging from health issues to physical appearance.


  1. SIZE:

This is a crucial consideration. If you want a small size garment cleaner it’s pretty easy to store and pack. Although, make sure you consider the steam power when looking at size. The ideal handheld garment steamer needs to hold at least half a cup of water and still be sizeable enough to pack so as to be efficient.


How long does the steamer take before hitting maximum temperatures? You really don’t need to waste time waiting for the steamer to heat. A suitable garment steamer is supposed to heat the water in the reservoir in a short six seconds or less. Imagine you are3 in a hurry, you can easily get frustrated waiting for the garment steamer heat to desired temperatures.


You require a garment steamer that allows for flexible steam setting changing. Different fabrics require different steam settings hence the need for a steam setting function. A garment steamer with different steam settings can easily handle different fabrics with ease. Make sure you check the steamer specifications and how easy one can adjust the steam settings before buying.


The best handheld garment steamer needs to offer you a steady continuous flow of steam. Such models are easier to use. They ensure you don’t have to keep your finger pressed on the steam button every single time.


Different garment steamers on the market come with various steam temperature levels. Be careful enough to choose a garment steamer with very high-temperature settings. Such steamers help clear wrinkles pretty fast saving you time. However, very high temperatures can also damage delicate and soft fabrics. This is why you need a steamer with adjustable steam temperature settings to suit different fabrics.


Finally, you need to consider the water tank capacity and choose a model with a large tank capacity. Such models allow for extended steaming of garments without frequent tank refills.

In conclusion, these are the best handheld garment steamers to consider buying this year with proof from Amazon. The steamers are pretty small, compact, and highly portable. They are travel-friendly and a great option when embarking on trips. They can easily and quickly fix your garments, leaving them looking fresh and sharp. Go right ahead and choose one handheld garment steamer from our list above that suits your needs today.

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