Close your eyes and think….! You are sitting on your sofa in your living room. Your heavenly white ceramic tiles seem like shining gold, you are slowly getting goosebumps, as the fresh breeze is sliding through your body.

Well, this isn’t a movie, its real life! And in real life, you are eligible to have a feel of the aforementioned luxury. But how? The answer is simple: screen doors.

The doors in front of your front doors with a mesh screen to allow ventilation or a glass panel to allow sunlight is called a screen door. Storm doors, hinged screen doors, and retractable screen doors are the three major types of screen doors available. Evaluate your needs and wants and purchase one that best fits them.

Allow nature’s peace to flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.

John Muir

Top 5 Best Screen Doors

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Top 5 Screen Doors. 3

Best Overall: Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door. 3

Key Features. 3

Cons. 4

Best Polyester: AUGO’s Magnetic Screen Door. 4

Key Features. 5

Cons. 5

Best Fiberglass: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door. 6

Key Features. 6

Cons. 7

Best Retractable: Larson’s Brisa. 7

Key Features. 7

Cons. 8

Best Storm: LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Door. 8

Key Features. 9

Cons. 9

Criteria Used for Evaluation. 10

Effectiveness. 10

Durability. 10

Key Features. 10

Frequently Asked Questions. 11

What is a Screen Door?. 11

What are the Types of Screen Doors?. 11

Top 5 Best Screen Doors

Best Overall: Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

What to expect?

  • 26 Magnets
  • Heavy Duty Mesh
  • Lifetime Warranty
Top 5 Best Screen Doors

It has a reason why it is the best overall. Be it durability, portability, versatility, or reliability, Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door cover it all. 26 magnets incorporated at the edges of the screen door make sure that the door closes seamlessly.

The center crease of the screen door netting is deliberately fixed with ground-breaking attractive blocks and magnet strips that permit the screen door to open effectively and close consistently. The foldable screen is additionally retractable, frameless, and separable and can be moved up for storing temporarily during the off months and is effectively removable.

The door is adjustable so you don’t have to worry if your door is slightly off the marks. With metal thumbtacks and Hook&Loop design, you can have an easy and reliable installation.

The screen mesh is highly durable as it has a higher thread count and is highly effective for keeping the bugs out while allowing fresh air to pass through.

Key Features

  • Self-Closing Magnetic Mesh Screen Door
  • Hands-Free Entry
  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Mesh
  • Retractable and Frameless
  • Easy Access for Pets
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Metal Black Thumbtacks
  • Includes 26 Magnets
  • Weather Resistant Hook& Loop
  • Full-Length Magnetic Closure
  • Includes Pins for Added Security
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Keeps Bugs and Flying Insects Out
  • Fits Door Sizes: 38” X 82”
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


  • None

Best Polyester: AUGO’s Magnetic Screen Door

What to expect?

  • Self-Sealing
  • Hands-Free Mesh Partition
  • Dog and Cat Friendly
Top 5 Best Screen Doors

I have had no screen door as unique and creative as AUGO’s Magnetic Screen Door. I wonder whether it can be called a screen door or not. Why? Because although it has all the features of a traditional screen door, it is created out of polyester which makes it far more convenient than a screen door. The mesh is constructed out of polyester and it keeps all the bugs and flies out of your house.

On the other hand, it allows you and your family to bathe in the fresh air. The magnetic strip at the edges is self-sealing, which means that you won’t have to bother closing and locking it. If you have a naughty child or a repulsive pet, don’t worry, they won’t tear the material when passing through the screen mesh as the screen mesh is durable enough and doesn’t require hands to open it.

The best part about it is the ultra-easy installation. the Velcro strips prevent you from going through all the hassle of installing a traditional screen door. Simply attach it to the door frame and secure it with additional push pins and you are good to go.

Key Features

  • Self-Closing Magnetic Mesh Screen Door
  • Patent Pending “Stay Open” Feature
  • High-Quality Soft Polyester Mesh
  • Easy Access for Pets
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Full Frame Velcro-Like Installation
  • Full-Length Magnetic Closure
  • Includes Pins for Added Security
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Keeps Bugs and Flying Insects Out
  • Fits Door Sizes: 36” x 82”
  • Screen Door Measures 38” x 83”
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds


  • Not as sturdy as traditional ones

Best Fiberglass: MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

What to expect?

  • Reinforced Fiberglass
  • Hook & Loop Hasp
  • Economical
Top 5 Best Screen Doors

It happens a lot of time with mesh curtains that they get blown up by the wind because the magnet isn’t that powerful in holding them. But not this one, as the MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door is made up of reinforced fiberglass. The heavy-duty screen mesh has enough weight to keep it sturdy and firm even when breezes aren’t cooperative. the durability of MAGZO’s Magnetic Screen Door is unimaginable, as it is fireproof, waterproof, chemical corrosion resistant, and most of all it doesn’t let a single bug escape through its heavy-duty screen mesh. The screen door is easy to go through even when your hands are occupied.

The best part about it is the unique Hook&Loop hasp design, that is incorporated with the magnetic screen door to ensure that if you have an encounter with an untamable breeze, you won’t have to worry about detaching it, as it won’t get blown away.

Key Features

  • Self-Closing Magnetic Mesh Screen Door
  • Patent Pending “Stay Open” Feature
  • Resilient Fiberglass Mesh
  • Easy Access for Pets
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Full Frame Adhesive Strip Installation
  • Full-Length Magnetic Closure
  • Includes Pins for Added Security
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Keeps Bugs and Flying Insects Out
  • Unique Hook&Loop hasp design
  • fireproof, chemical corrosion-resistant, and waterproof
  • Fits door size: 36 x 80 inch.
  • Screen door size: 38 x 81 inch
  • Weight: 1.55 pounds


  • None

Best Retractable: Aluminum Retractable Front Screen Door net

What to expect?

  • Controlled Retraction
  • 30-Minute average installation
  • Adjustable Height

If you are a fan of retractable screen doors, Larson’s Brisa is a decent choice. You can install it as your balcony door and enjoy the sunlight even when the door is closed. Slide open it to get a powerful feel of the cool breeze. Unlike mesh curtains, Larson’s Brisa is at the peak of being sturdy and firm. The screen door frame contains the mesh and holds it firmly against powerful breezes. The glide is almost as smooth as sliding your knife on butter, as the innovative EZ glide technology ensures that you never have to exert extra force for sliding this screen door.

The best part about it is that even being a retractable screen door, it has an average time of being installed in less than 30 minutes.

Key Features

  • Width Range Of 32-Inch To 36-Inch Wide
  • Innovative EZ Glide System
  • Quick-Snap Track Installs Easily
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Color: White
  • Pre-Finished
  • Controlled Retraction


  • Expensive

Best Storm: LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Door

What to expect?

  • Solid Wood Core
  • Conforms To Uneven Sills
  • Heavy-Duty
Top 5 Best Screen Doors

You have bought a 1000$ exclusive front door made up of New Zealand pinewood and according to the weather forecast, there will be a storm at your place. What would you do? Well, I would install a LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Door. Ignore the long unmeaningful name! but look at the specs. This door is constructed of 1-inch thick solid wood core with a premium Vinyl surface, so, no matter how hard the storm hits, it will never break in your home.

The Vinyl surface is maintenance-free, which means you won’t have to worry about the inner wood corroding. On the other hand, you can opt for added ventilation by sliding the self-storing window.

Don’t think twice, and install the LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U before the storm knocks at your doorstep!

Key Features

  • Simple and effective
  • Constructed Of 1-Inch Thick Wood Core
  • Maintenance-Free Vinyl Coating
  • Self-Storing Window and Screen
  • Included Durable Weather-Strip
  • Black Adjustable Speed Closer
  • Push-Button Handle (With Security Lock)
  • Color Matched Expander
  • Conforms to Uneven Sill for A Tight Fit
  • Reversible Handing
  • Weight: 60 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.44 X 7.99 X 3.78 Inches
  • Required Thickness of Door Up To 1.8”
  • Dimensions: 35.6 X 2.8 X 85.3 Inches
  • Standard Door Height 80 Inches To 81 Inches.
  • Only Available in White Color


  • None

Criteria Used for Evaluation


In this guide, we have ensured that every screen door serves its purpose efficiently. The effectiveness of a screen door is important. Because if a screen mesh doesn’t contain heavy threads, it will allow mosquitoes to fly in, eventually failing to serve its purpose. Similarly, a storm door should be extremely heavy-duty to withstand the rainwater pressure and protect the front door and the rest of the house.


Polyester, fiberglass, solid wood, and aluminum, every material is widely recognized for its high durability. So, even if you are choosing a magnetic screen door with a Polyester screen mesh, it will be highly durable. The storm door mentioned in this list is one of the most heavy-duty and resilient storm doors.

Key Features

Every screen door is unique and is the best in its category. In this list, we have provided 6 unique categories for easy selection. So, when a reader wants to purchase a screen door, he will easily make up his or her mind after reading the product descriptions.  Similarly, we have mentioned key features for the ease of readability and comprehension

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Screen Door?

Letting fresh air pass while ensuring protection from deadly mosquitos, letting you observe your kids playing around in the backyard while keeping your house secure, allowing you to enjoy the rain while preventing rainwater to creep in is the job of a screen door. Do you know that the first screen doors incorporated cheesecloths? But now, screen doors are made up of screen meshes and glass panels to make sure that you can view outside while letting what is outside stay outside (I think it became a tongue twister, ha-ha)

What are the Types of Screen Doors?

There are mainly 3 types of screen doors with each having a different purpose and utility.

Storm Doors

Screen doors also refer to storm doors. However, storm doors consist of a huge glass panel that allows you to bathe in sunlight in the daytime while protecting you from storms at nighttime.

Hinged Screen Doors

Hinged Screen Doors are mostly a choice for people who reside in warm habitats. Places where thirsty mosquitoes invade houses and houseflies irritate people. A hinged screen door consists of a screen mesh (wired net) that allows fresh air to travel through while prohibiting insects from flying in.

Sliding Glass Door

A sliding glass door is similar to a storm door. The only difference is that you can slide it. These doors are also wider than traditional storm doors and are mainly used as a replacement to windows in balconies.

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