Door stops have been in use for decades to help protect the wall when doorknobs hit the wall. Many of a time, homeowners find them available in form that could be screwed into the baseboard or secured to the floor with screws. However, if you don’t want these placements, the only option left is the holes from its original location. These door stops are located on the hinge.

They are constructed with the highest quality materials because of its location and pressure. You can be rest assured they’ll last a lifetime, use of a best hinge door stops prevents slamming and damage to the wall, door and door knob. It is installed directly into the door’s hinge to prevent the door hitting against the wall.

Hinge pin stops are installed be sliding the pin from your hinge through the hole in the stop, most hinge pin stops feature a threaded post that allows you to adjust how wide the door will open. The only part of the door stop you’ll have to worry about are the rubber bumpers. Overtime, they’ll undergo cracking and will eventually need replacing.

The cracking occurs at rooms temperature warms or colds, as well as from frequent door usage, since these are small it is simple to pop them off and replace without having to remove the entire doorstop. In this article is the best hinge door stops you can find on Amazon.

Below The Best Hinge Door Stops List.

  • Esschert Design USA LH119 Fabric Doorstop with Handle.

The hanging door stop keep your door open, so when bringing in or moving out a large or heavy object the hanging doorstop has you covered. It makes moving in and out of the room quick and easy. It is safe to use as doorstops that stat on the floor might be chewed on by young children or cause a tripping hazard in the home.


  • Made with the highest quality wood  material available.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It’s unique design make it easily attach to any door hinge.
  • It keeps the door open firmly.


  • Safe for times with children as it stays off the ground.
  • The product is kept clean always since it stays off the ground
  • It can pivot to accommodate larger or smaller hinges


  • Slamming of door is not recommended when in use.
  • Wedge-It – The Ultimate Door Stop – Lime Green – TWO PACK

This doorstop proves essential for many fields including firefighters, police, , commercial, residential and hotel/motel. Its easy one-handed operation opens quickly for insertion and never slips out of hinge. You just need to place it on any of the hinge ; top, middle or bottom and it will hold tightly. It folds up quickly and stores on any metal surface.


  • Strong and durable hinge doorstop
  • Engineered plastic and corrosion resistant steel.
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors in single and double pack black, orange, green, yellow, red or white.


  • Extra hand door holding door open – built in magnet
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty folds when not in use
  • Multi use


  • It might scar door jam paint.
Best Hinge Door Stops

This is a convenient door stopper for door hinges. It is strong and has heavy-duty metal construction for preventing damage to walls a d extra door security. This doorstop is crafted form metal and is enough to withstand strong everyday use.


  • It is a strong heavy-duty metal.
  • It is available in two colors. Elegant satin nickel and a modern black finish.
  • It is small but has a great value.


  • Don’t be deceived by its size, Jack N’ Drill hinge pin door stops are made tough.
  • They are crafted from metal, they are strong enough to withstand everyday use.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It works with wooden metal and glass doors to fit doors and match your home styles.
  • Its package includes 7 packs of hinge door stoppers and 3 pieces hinge pins.
  • Its long lasting quality can withstand even the strongest crises.

How to install

  • Close the door and take out existing door pin.
  • Place jack n’ drill hinge pin doorstop with rubber tip facing the door.
  • Slide hinge pin back in place and tap to secure. Adjust if needed .
Best Hinge Door Stops

Ives has produced a fulltime quality building hardware over 120 years!. Throughout this time, Ives has adhered to the firm convictions of the company’s focus on quality and customer services.


  • It is designed for firm installations
  • It has high quality rubber bumper – shoulder on stud supports rubber through entire body for engineered cushioning.


  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a firm grim
  • It is sturdy


  • It does not work on sliding show doors.
  • Perfect Products 01284 Commercial Doorsaver II

This hinge pin doorstop is a great choice, as it prevents the door from slamming into the wall. It is safe for homes with careless kids.


  • Ultra low profile in your designer furnishes
  • It installs on seconds with no tools required.
  • Its bumper less design eliminates damage to doors and trim.
  • It’s hinge is mounted to fit all doors.
  • It is made from strong carbon steel.
  • It works with 3” to 4 ½ residential hinge with ¼ diameter pin.


  • It is available in in three colors; satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass.
  • It has a durable strong grip.


  • It uses one each on a heavy door.

How to install

  • Remove the old hinge
  • Drop in the door saver
  • Adjust the top can until desired stop level.
  • IQ Labs Doorstop Just Stick and Go Installs in Less Than a Minute Model 3

Its ultra low profile design creates bumper less protection for doors and trim. The door saver III is a set of interlocking cams that use your current hinge pin. Door saver III is a simple to install, locks great and stays in place without working up.


  • It fits home doors with 3 ½ or 4 ½ hinge.
  • It is adjustable
  • Bumper less design.
  • It utilizes your existing pin.
  • It is made from strong carbon steel.
  • It has a satin nickel finish.


  • It is adjustable to allow you regulate the opening radius of your order.
  • Its bumper less design eliminates damage to door.
  • It won’t work up like most hinge mounted products.
  • It has a warranty guarantee never to damage your for or door casing.
  • It is simple to install.
  • It uses your hinge pin to mount and lock the cams in place.
  • Blomus Wedge Door Stop

The innovative doorstop keeps doors open by directly hanging on the hinge of the door. Design allows you to easily install on hinge without the stress of having to bend. It is great for home or office use.


  • It fits directly on the hinge
  • It is lightweight
  • It is made from high quality plastic.


  • It keeps the door open
  • Its innovative design makes it easy to use.
  • It is small enough to store anywhere.
  • It helps relieve the stress of having to bend over to wedge open doors .
  • It can not be easily broken.
Best Hinge Door Stops

Prevent wall holes being punched in by the doorknobs with this hinge mounted door stop.


  • It is available in four colors which are brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, chrome, and white.
  • It discreetly allows the door to swing open around 100°


  • It is easy to install(just slip onto the pin in your four hinges)
  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • It is versatile


  • When installing you should handle with care to prevent rubber bumper from falling off.
Best Hinge Door Stops

Install this hinge pin door stop over the door hinge using existing hinge pin. They are used in cases where floor mounted and wall mounted door stops are not preferred. They are adjusted to accommodate desired stopping position which makes them helpful in cases where a towel rack or artwork may be hanging on the wall behind the door.


  • It is made from cast zinc.
  • Heavy duty zinc casting door stop
  • It features an adjustable high durometer bumper tip
  • The package includes door stops and fasteners.
  •  It has an Antique finish.


  • It protects doors and walls
  • It slips over the door’s hinge pin
  • It is durable and has a strong grip
  • Designers Impressions Matte Black Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop with Black Tip

KOVOSCH door stop is easy to install. It is  adjustable, turn the threaded screw attached to the stop, fins the suitable angle to keep your door away from your wall. With this door stop you don’t have to worry about sudden slamming of doors or holes in the wall. If you paint your hinge pin door stop, put a towel on it to avoid peeling during installation.


  • It is made from high quality metal zinc alloy.
  • It features a high quality rubber bumper.
  • It is available in three different colors which are satin nickel, black, oil-rubbed bronze.


  • It is a sturdy door stop
  • No more dents and holes in the wall.
  • It is easy to install
  • Refund or replacement for any quality problem.

Criteria for Evaluation

Heavy duty: Hinge door stoppers have to be strong and heavy duty to withstand the force and weight of the door without breaking or popping off. The products above are heavy duty and would remain in place not minding the weight of the door and the force pushing it.

Gripping power: Hinge door stops must have a high gripping power to stay in place. A low gripping power would make the door stop slip and eventually slamming into the door. The hinge pin door stops listed would remain in place as they rubber bumpers are durable.

Easy to install: The beauty of installing door stops is if they are easy to install. The listed door stops are easy to install by anyone regardless of the educational status. Most of the products comes with installation Manuals.

Adjustable: The hinge door stops should adjusted to fit the angle of the door swirl. As this ensure the door stays in place. All the door stops listed are adjustable to any angle of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much distance from the door to the wall does the Jack N’ Drill hinge door stop give? I’m trying to clear a piece of artwork frame.

A: Measuring from the center of the hinge pin, the door stopper reaches 2 ½ inches into the door and 1 ½ inches into the door frame. The square shaped cushion faces the door frame. This device does not extend beyond the standard trim around the door.

Q: Which hinge do you replace?

A: You may actually replace either the topmost, middle or bottom hinge. For heavy doors, it is advisable to put the hinge pin door shoppers on both top and bottom, for lightweight doors out the hinge pin door stopper on either the top, middle or bottom.

Q: Can the hinge stopper hold the door at 50%?

A: However long the pin is, you can screw it in or out to the stop angle you need. Look into the description for how long the screw is.

Q: How large is the maximum stop angle? I need the door to stop at 90° to the door frame.

A: Yes, the door stoppers can be set to stop at 90-degree angle to the door frame.

Q: Will the hinge stopper work to an extent outswing door?

A: If the hinge pins are on the door swing side then yes.

The door stops are the best products you can get, shop for them on Amazon. When choosing a hinge door stop to choose one that matches your hinges and door hardware you should also consider the manufacturer of the hinge as some hinge door stops do not work on some hinges. Do not worry, all the hinge pin door stops listed above works on all hinge type, you can also look for stops with matching color to match the décor in your home.


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