How would you feel when you just sealed a huge deal with an important client, then you walked the client to the door and while you opened the door it was out of it’s frame? Angry, Ashamed, disappointed amidst other sensitivities.

This happens because you have never stopped a day to check the hinge and  if the door hinge needs replacement, but as long as it swings you are less concerned. If you are just setting up your building and you want to install the doors, this is a window to check for the best brand of hinges.

We open and close the door deliberately or absent-minded without comprehending the work of the door hinge until it is damaged. Without the door hinge, opening and closing doors won’t be quite easy for some types of doors, also not using the suitable and sturdy hinge to attach the doors would cause havoc and extra expenses. These article would enlightened you on everything

Commercial door hinges are thicker instruments, weight bearing hardware that are durable. The  structure and goal of the door hinge is mainly important when choosing what door hinge to use.

Varying in size and configuration, a normal size for a commercial butt hinge is 4 ½ “ by 4 ½ “ with a 1/8 “ density and ½ “ diameter. The corners are normally square.

They are bigger than average hinges because they handle more wear and tear over a long period of time and perform underweight, stress and surrounding environs. The heavy duty hardware comes in different finishes, but stainless steel is reckoned a superior material.

Ball bearing hinges are one of the most common types found in commercial use. These hinges curb some of the heavy door problems that occur with long term use in offices, hospitals and industrial facilities. These lubricated bearings allow for smooth and silent operations for heavy, wide door or exterior doors.

Best Heavy Duty Commercial Door Hinges List.

Most common types of commercial hinges

A regular door hinge has two leaves that are merged by one pin, which can be removed. The pin is the pivotal point, which allows the leaves to swirl around the pin as the door closes and opens. While this is a familiar design, they are made to handle different loads for numerous applications which comprises additional thickness, more holes, springs and different hinges format.

Most common door hinges used in commercial applications

  • Standard Butt Hinge:

It is also known as the “mortise” hinge. A butt hinge is the most common type of hardware found in commercial applications. It is a two – leaf standard design joined by a single pin. They are good choices for lightweight use and can be used in internal or external applications.

They come in full and half mortise, full and half surface styles. They work for average weight doors and high frequency industrial doors. They also work for heavy wood and metal doors. A less familiar variation of the butt hinge is the “rising mortise hinge”. It has a spiral pattern which enables the door to lift itself over carpets or uneven doors.

  • Barrel Hinge:

This type of hinge uses a thicker central barrel in place of a pin and is secured by a pivot. The barrel is hollow and cylindrical and enables rotational bearing force to go round the pivot. Its shape is like that of a screw that can be used for fastening and driving the hinge.

  • Pivot Hinge:

They are used when you desire safe, complete things which are installed from top to bottom. It permits the door to spin, while the hinge stays in place. For a revolving door, pivot hinges are installed in the center while shower doors are mounted with a hinge at the top corners of the door which enables it to swing on 180° revolutions.

  • Piano Hinges:

It is also called a continuous hinge. A piano hinge runs the full length of the door. It is accessible in different thicknesses, widths, finishes and customized designs. They are the best for industrial applications where doors face continuous use. They are also used for shed and barn doors, fire doors, marine, prison cell doors and heavy duty gates. The type of piano hinge changes founded on the door width and weight.

  • Gate Hinges:

In the form of a door, a gate connects the hinge to a post. The type of hinge differs depending on the size and strength acquired for the gates. Aluminum link doors are diverse and they need only lightweight hinges. Wood gates are thicker and require thicker materials.

There are five main types of gate hinges which includes, mounted, spring hinges, heavy duty, pintle hinges and dummy strap butt hinges

  • Full Mortise Hinge:

Depending on the design, one or two leaves are mortised into the door or the cabinet face or the door jamb. The hinge is installed with the surface of frame and door which creates a smooth quality finish. These hinges require extra finesse and skill, so that the door operates correctly. Ok

  • Continuous Aluminum Geared Hinges:

These hinges are commonly full or half mortise, half surface or full surface mortise. They are made from aluminum and can be custom made for medical or other health facilities environs.

  • Electrified Hinges:

These are custom made hinges that embody transfer cables into a hinge. Electrified hinges can be found in all types of  hinge styles. Hinges like this are most used for security access doors, provides installation for security access doors, alarms and other protected entry.

These are custom made hinges that embody transfer cables into a hinge. Electrified hinges can be found in all types of  hinge styles. Hinges like this are most used for security access doors, provides installation for security access doors, alarms and other protected entry.

These are custom made hinges that embody transfer cables into a hinge. Electrified hinges can be found in all types of  hinge styles. Hinges like this are most used for security access doors, provides installation for security access doors, alarms and other protected entry. Heavy duty commercial door hinges below there listed

Heavy Rope Knot Doorstop 7″ Diameter

 This hinge pin door stop keeps the door open. It is very necessary that you install one won’t the hinge. It is especially useful for commercial doors that are in frequent use thereby needing a hinge door stop to keep it clean. This door stop makes moving in and out of a room very easy. It is made from the highest quality materials available.


  • Made from high quality wood material.
  • Unique design allow it attach quickly to any door”s  hinge
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It features an adjustable form.
  • It works on wooden and metal doors with hinges.
  • Amazon BASIC Rounded 3.5 inch× 3.5 inch door hinges, 18 parks, oil rubbed bronze
Best Heavy Duty Commercial Door Hinges

Not minding the size which is small but an obvious piece. Door hinges are very important when it comes to establishing safe and functioning doors. Amazon basic door hinge works smoothly, efficiently and safely. They come in a different range of styles making it easy to add beauty to your place.

Amazon basic door hinges attach a door to it’s frame and allows for smooth, effortless opening and closing. Basic door hinges are made from durable steel and are hand finished to ensure a uniform look and among the styles and hardware.


  •  Made from Durable steel construction
  • This particular package includes 18 total hinges.
  • All mounting hardware are included
  • It comes with a detailed installation instruction included
  • It comes in different styles which are rounded ( consist of 18 per pack), square (consist of 12 per pack) or self closing (1 piece per pack)
  • It has five finishes from which you can choose to suit your home interior which are oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, polished brass, Antique brass or Matte black.


  • It is versatile
  • It is well suited to fit inside the door.
  • It has a variety of finish to choose from
  • It fits into any door.


  • This product may expose you to chemicals containing lead.
Best Heavy Duty Commercial Door Hinges

This matte black finish on stainless steel material is a great choice for you. These hinges are sturdy so that they can keep scoundrels away from your home. No amount of kick and push can unhinge the door. The strength of this door is no match to others.

The hinges are made to fit into surfaces that have narrow mounting spaces.  The appearance of this hinge is rust-resistant, this is one of the best commercial door hinges out there from a renowned brand.


  • Hinges are rust resistant.
  • It is sturdy enough to hold heavy doors
  • A heavy and strong hinge for a narrow mounting surface.
  • It comes with  offset screw holes that ensure optimal strength and prevent wood from splitting.
  • It is versatile


  • Heavy duty to withstand all types of doors.


  • Pin is not removable.
  • A product comes in a single hinge not in a pair or double hinge.
  • Ultra Hardware 6 Inch Hinge Double Action Spring Black 2.6mm

High quality 6 inch double acting spring hinge, matte black. Medium duty is sometimes referred to as saloon door hinge, café door hinge, swinging door hinges or double acting barrel things. The double barrel acting spring hinges are adjustable and execute closing action from either direction of the door. One important thing to love about  this hinge is that you can adjust it to the angle you need.

If you want your door to swing on 90 degrees, you are free to adjust it, if you want it as wide as 180 degrees, this is the right product to do that. It does not matter whether you use them on commercial doors that open and close many times a day, the hinge withstands it all. An aspect you’ll love is that this hinge is a heavy-duty type. It is great for heavy doors not minding how thick the door is. Moreover, the installation is very easy.


  • It has an adjustable double acting spring hinge 6 inches
  • It is also known as a salon door hinge, café door hinges, and swinging door hinges.
  • It has an exclusive matte Black finish
  • It comes in a pack of one


  • It is easy to install
  • Heavy-duty hinges that balance the weight of the door


  • It is sold individually not in pairs.


  • Strength: The strength of the door hinge is very important. Its strength would determine the type door and size of the door to add to the door hinge.
  • Heavy duty: The door hinge  should be heavy duty to withstand the pressure from the door. The door hinges would be heavy duty to maintain the balance of the door.
  • Size: When choosing a hinge for a door you should consider the size, as the s8ze also affects how strongly the hinge will grip the door. The products above will fit into any size of door perfectly without itch or scratch. They are durable and easy to install to the door frame and door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I Measure Door Hinge Radius?

A: To measure the size of the hinge corner’s radius, you will rest the straight edge along the top part of the hinge. Once you have the straight edge aligned, you can calculate the distance from the bottom of the straight edge to the bottom of the radius. This is typically around ¼ or ⅝ depending on the size of the door.

Q: How Many Hinges Should I Install Per Door?

A: The number of hinges per door depends on door height and weight. For example, a typical 60” or less door needs only two hinges, but if it is a heavy-duty or large wood door, then you may need three hinges. When in doubt, more hinges can help secure a heavier door.

Q: What Are My Door Hinge Dimensions

Before installing a new door, you’ll need to know the number of hinges, type of hinge design, and thickness. Most standard door hinges are square in shape and sized in increments of ½” such as 3 inches or 3 ½. Most residential doors use a 3 ½” by 3 ½” hinge, while commercial doors have a 4 ½” by 4 ½” hinge typically.

The security, safety and maintenance of the commercial door is important to avoid havoc and disappointment. The best heavy duty commercial door hinges are listed above,  the types and the models. Get the best products on Amazon.


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