Imagine yourself sitting in a living room, peace has surrounded you from everywhere, you can see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing but peace, and suddenly you hear a stark cry, you run towards the door while following the voice, and you see that your child has got his finger pinched between the door and the wall. When you open the door, your child is full of tears and his small delicate fingers are dark purple. Ouch! This is what you feel at first, and oh my! This is what you feel afterward when you rethink that moment.

No one would want his kid to be hurt like this! And nor do we! That’s why we have created a list of 10 best door stoppers which are acutely designed to protect the small toddler’s fingers.

Throw away the bad experience, but save the lesson!

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Top 10 Finger Pinch Guards. 3

Best Hand-Shaped: Happy Hands Finger Trap Stoppers. 3

Key Features. 3

Cons. 4

Best Animal-Shaped: The Wolf Moon Foam Door Stopper. 4

Key Features. 4

Cons. 5

Best Material: Wittle Finger Pinch Guard Door Stopper. 5

Key Features. 5

Cons. 6

Best Stair-Shaped: Pinch-Not Finger Safety Guard. 6

Key Features. 6

Cons. 7

Best Convenience: DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard. 7

Key Features. 8

Cons. 8


Exclusivity. 9

Durability. 9

Effectiveness. 9

Key Features. 9


10 Best Door Stoppers To Protect Your Kids From Injuries List.

Best Hand-Shaped: Dreambaby Foam Finger Guard Door Stopper.

What to expect?

  • Easily fitted
  • Durable
  • Rotating

These are the best hand-shaped finger pinch guards as well as door stoppers. Not only will they stop the door from closing, but they will also protect your little one’s cute little fingers.

The back is an adhesive pad, so, no more do you have to worry about it sticking out.

If you want your door to be closed you can rotate it until the hands are in a waving position. If you want your door to remain open then you can rotate it until the hands are parallel to the door handle.

The plastic is highly durable and stretchable. So, matter how hard you slam your door, it will never wear off.

The best part is that unlike foam stoppers, you don’t have to remove them to allow the door to be closed.

Key Features

  • High Quality and Durable Plastic
  • Innovative, Simple, and Fun Design
  • Easily Fixed to the Door with an Adhesive Pad
  • Weight: 7 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 2 X 5.9 X 9.1 Inches
  • Finger-Shaped
  • Available in 4 Colors
  • Easy to Use
  • Rotating


  • The adhesive pad may leave a mark on your door when removed

Best Animal-Shaped: North States Premium Pinch Protector

What to expect?

  • Cute
  • Sturdy
  • Available in A Wide Variety of Colors and Designs

A brown monkey, yellow giraffe, blue seal, spotted ladybug, and light green butterfly, this is the cutest set of finger guards and door stoppers available in the market.

the foam is quite sturdy, lightweight, and soft to touch. You can easily install them on your door. You just have to pop them on the door edges if you want your door to remain open and you can mount them off whenever you want your door to be closed.

The best part about the wolf moon door stopper is that the foam won’t dent your door. The foam is also non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about your child having a bite of it.

Key Features

  • Flexible Lightweight Non-Toxic Foam Material
  • Soft to Touch
  • Cute Colorful Cartoon Animal Designs
  • Color: Blue, Yellow, White, Coffee
  • Size: 4.1 X4.1x 0.5inch
  • Materials: Environmental Protection EVA and PVC
  • Weight: 130g
  • Applicable for Door Thickness Of 25-40mm
  • Package Included: 5 Pcs of Finger Pinch Guards


  • Not as durable as Plastic ones

Best Material: Wittle Finger Pinch Guard Door Stopper

What to expect?

  • Memory Foam
  • High Density
  • Easy Application

Simplicity always comes with extensive perks. If you have heavenly white-colored home décor, then Wittle’s Finger Pinch Guard Door Stopper will perfectly blend in. you can always rely on the high-quality foam material used in it. Unlike other foam pinch guards, it does not break or tear apart. The memory foam makes sure that your pinch guard comes back in shape when not in use. It fits perfectly on almost any door (though the most preferable door thickness is 1.5 inches). You can install it easily on almost any height. However, it should be out of the reach of your child.

The best part about it is the silky soft texture, that makes you want to hold it as long as possible.

Key Features

  • Premium Material
  • Silky Soft, Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly Eva Foam
  • High-Density Memory Foam
  • Fits Any Size Doors
  • Easy to Install
  • Light Weight and Durable
  • 2pk.
  • Easy Application
  • Does Not Attract Kids or Pets
  • Easily Blends to Any Home Décor
  • Weight: 0.5 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 0.8 inches


  • None

Best Stair-Shaped: Pinch-Not Finger Safety Guard

Distinctive Features

  • Ultra-Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Foam bumper

Simply ingenious design! Has your child ever slammed the door at you in shock? And has the stark sound multiplied your anger for your child? Well, this happens often. But don’t worry! The depth of the foam bumper and the durable material of Pinch-Not Finger Safety Guard is the only thing that can absorb the wrath of your child. The stair-shaped design accounts for the ultra-resilience Pinch-Not Finger Safety Guard withholds. No matter how hard you slam the door, it won’t break. Because it is meant to absorb extreme stress and tension.

The best part about it is that it rotates and comes without an adhesive pad. The clip clamps on the edge of the door almost like an eagle grabs its prey. Attach the clip and rotate it to toggle on and off.

Key Features

  • 10-Second Installation
  • Slip-On Design
  • Non- Adhesive
  • Non-Scratching Plastic Clip
  • Foam Bumper
  • Weight: 0.32 Ounces
  • Dimensions: 6 X 3.2 X 1.1 Inches
  • Flips On/Off.
  • Extremely Durable
  • Made for Extreme Shocks
  • 2pk.


  • None

Best Convenience: DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard

Distinctive Features

  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Install
  • Convenient

I think every finger pinch guard design is similar to one another. But not this one! The DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard has a unique design. Neither do you have to detach it nor do you have to rotate it, the only thing you have to do is push a button or pull a tail. Simply clamp this door lock on the edge of your door, push the button to unlock it from inside your room, or pull the tail to unlock it from outside your room. Without any tape, tools, or hardware you can easily install it within seconds.

Unlocking it from inside and outside your room is very convenient and will also prevent your door from locking accidentally.

The best part about the DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard is that it allows your door to get locked even in a partially cracked position and fresh air circulates within the room when the door is partially closed.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation
  • No Tools or Tape Required
  • Versatile Design
  • Works with All Types of Knobs and Levers
  • High Ventilation
  • Easy Unlocking
  • Two-Way Unlocking
  • No Accidental Lock-Ins
  • Convenient
  • Weight 0.48 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1 x 2.2 x 7.2 inches
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Fits 1-3/8″ Thick Interior Doors
  • Applicable on Rectangular Door Stop Molding



  • Weak clamps



Durability means safety. Nothing is more important than the safety of your baby. We have listed only those products that have a high rating of durability. The material used within each door stopper ensures that there is always a gap between the door and the wall. Some aforementioned finger pinch guards are expensive but there are up to the mark.


Every aforementioned product comes with an exclusive feature that sets it apart from other products. Unique shapes, high versatility, rotating feature, and two-side unlocking, these are some of the above-mentioned unique features that highlight the exclusivity of the product.

Key Features

Key features’ is a criterion of evaluation similar to exclusivity, but the main idea behind listing the key features is to ease the selection process for the reader. A reader in a hurry will find reading the list of key features substantial and convenient. To make sure that you get the best-suited finger pinch guard, we have listed key features below the product review and description. If you are in a hurry, you can skip the description and directly go to the key features to select the best finger pinch guard for your baby.



Q: What is a finger pinch guard?

A: You have probably heard about the latest finger pinch guards. These door stoppers consist of an EVA foam that is ultra-soft. Not only do these pinch guards protect your toddlers from tripping upon traditional door stoppers, but they also prevent the door from closing which eventually protects the small fingers from getting pinched between the door and the wall.

However, they cannot be replaced with the traditional magnetic, wooden, and rubber door stoppers. As these doorstoppers only prevent the door from slamming and banging against the wall. You cannot expect these to keep your door fully open.

Q: Why should we install finger pinch guards?

A: If your child gets his/her finger pinched between the door and the wall, it can make things a lot worse for you. The injury may range from a bruised finger to a fractured bone.

Q: How to install the Door Monkey pinch guard?

Door Monkey pinch guards are unique and require exclusive installation. To make sure that you get the perfect installation, you need to keep 3 things in your mind:

  • The maximum reach of the Door Monkey pinch guard is 3-3/8 inches. It means that the distance between the front of the door frame and the back of the door stop molding should be 3-3/8 inch
  • The thickness of your door is also an important factor to consider while installing Door Monkey pinch guard. The thickness of your door should be no more than 1-7/16 inches. This is the standard thickness of most interior doors.
  • The back of your doorstop molding should be flat and rectangular. And it should have at least a thickness of 1/4 inch.
  • If your doorstop molding is too short, too wide, or rounded than you have to buy an operational catch that is sold separately.

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