Imagine yourself being slapped 10 times a day! What would it feel like? Would you want it? Would anyone want it? No! so, why not think the same for your door?

Ha-ha just kidding! But seriously! You need to install a best door closer if you don’t have one! Why? Because not only does it increase the life of your door, but it also invites peace and tranquility at your house.

“Think for others what you think for yourself”


What is a Best Door Closer For Home?

A door closer is a pneumatic or a hydraulic device that prevents your door from slamming and banging whenever you fiercely open it. It uses the force you apply when opening the door and utilizes it for closing it slowly and smoothly. 

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Types of Door Closers. 3

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Concealed Door Closers. 3

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Best Door Closer

History of Best Door Closers

Do you know what was used as the first best door closer? The answer is Gravity! Gravity was used as the first closer on huge gates that were intended to remain closed once traffic had passed through. These gates opened from bottom to top and closed from top to bottom. That’s where gravity came in effect and acted as a best door closer.

Francis Moore was the first man to receive a patent for his door closing device which incorporated levers and pulleys. However, the first man to use springs for a door closing device was Henry Downer.

Modern door closer use a combination of springs and pistons to control the speed of a closing door and preventing it from banging. William Bullock was the first person to receive a patent for pneumatic door closer, whereas, William Overden (Senior and Junior) were the first to receive a patent for a hydraulic door closer.

Types of Door Closers

There are two factors to consider while choosing a door closer. Attractiveness and durability. The more attractive a door, the less durable it is and vice versa.

Generally, there are two types of door closers and they have further subcategories.

Overhead Door Closers

As the name suggests overhead door closers are located on the top of the doors. These are extremely durable and are best suited to heavy traffic conditions. These closers are mostly used commercially as they provide the best durability and control. However, there are three types of overhead door closers.

·        Regular Arm

A regular arm overhead door closer is the most power-efficient door closer. It comprises of two perpendicular arms, one attached to the spring box and the other one attached to the frame. Whenever someone opens the door, both arms protrude and get back to their original position when the door closes. Therefore, these types of overhead closers aren’t as attractive as others.

·        Top jamb

These are completely similar to regular arm door closers. However, the only difference is that the spring box is attached to the face of the door frame.

·        Parallel Arm

Unlike regular arm door closers, these are attractive but less power-efficient. And as the name suggests, the two arms are parallel to the door, which stops them from protruding like regular arm closers.

Concealed Door Closers

Best Door Closer

These door closer provide attractiveness as well as durability. The concealed nature of these closers sustains and maintains the door’s elegance. Concealed closers are only concealed when the door is closed, whereas, when a door opens the thin arms are visible.

Surface-mounted Door Closers

Best Door Closer

Surface-mounted door closer are cost-effective as well as attractive, as they are available in a variety of colors.  These door closer are attached to the back of the door , this makes them invisible when a door opens, as they get concealed behind the door .

Floor springs

Best Door Closer

Used mostly on glass door , these door operate distinctively. The floor spring assists the opening and closing of, particularly heavy doors. That’s why they are mostly used in shops, offices, parks, and malls, etc.

Today a door closer is the need of the day. The evolution of elegant and aesthetic doors entails the need for installing door closer to prevent damage. But whenever you purchase one, make sure that you bring it according to your traffic requirements, aesthetics, and utility.

Now go and grab one!

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